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Bayer launches Canesten Vaginal pH Self Test

Bayer has launched Canesten® Vaginal pH Self Test, a unique at home self-diagnosis test to assist women who are experiencing unusual vaginal symptoms.

This innovative extension to Bayer’s existing Canesten portfolio empowers women to help self-diagnose the cause of vaginal symptoms, to overcome barriers faced in seeking the right treatment from a pharmacist or doctor.

Canesten Vaginal pH Self Test links vaginal pH and symptoms to a probable condition. The test is more than 90% accurate1 to help diagnose if it is thrush or something else.

First, the easy-to-use swab helps to find out whether or not the vaginal pH level is elevated. Combining this result with symptoms experienced will help women self-diagnose what condition they have in order to guide them on treatment options.

According to the recent Canesten ‘Intimate Knowledge’ survey by Bayer, many Australian women are reluctant and too embarrassed to speak with a healthcare professional (HCP), such as a pharmacist about their vaginal health, resulting in delays to diagnosis and treatment.

Almost half (46%) of women admitted they would delay or stop asking for advice from a pharmacist or GP on vaginal health concerns, as it is too embarrassing.

Over a third (38%) also revealed that they would stop or delay seeking advice around vaginal health concerns if the HCP was male.

Shazia Ahmad, Head of Medical for Consumer Health Bayer Australia & New Zealand said:

“Discussing vaginal health concerns can be difficult for women. The Canesten Vaginal pH Self Test provides women with a result and treatment guide, helping to put women back in control of their intimate health. It is another way we are demonstrating our commitment to women’s health through providing choice and improving health literacy.”

RRP: $14.95

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