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2019 – The year of the robot

One thing that is guaranteed in 2019 is that the accelerated pace of digital transformation and automation will be even more pronounced than in 2018 — such is the pace of progress.

The echoes of the digital innovation and automation choir reverberate almost everywhere we go — at trade shows, in pharmacist publications and online.

With an increasing number of pharmacists taking a purposeful and innovative lead, the louder the choir sings about the longevity of pharmacy, the greater the requirement to measure our own pharmacy’s efficiencies or perhaps inefficiencies as appropriate.

As community health professionals, some of you may be justifiably satisfied with the existing levels of efficiency at which your pharmacy operates. For a number, however, the requirement for a dispensary health check may be well overdue.

If recalling the last time a pharmacy health check was conducted took a little longer than you anticipated, it is highly recommended that you conduct another.

In fact, we can make that process simple.

Start with an industry expert

Conceivably, you will have conducted your own research and, in all likelihood, spoken to another pharmacist or colleague.

Ultimately, it will be beneficial to seek the advice and lean on the support from someone experienced and knowledgeable in automation, who may guide you through the process of obtaining the relevant information required to make this decision.

At BD, we have specialist automation advisors providing a comprehensive national coverage and taking the time necessary to understand your business. They are trained and experienced to assist you in developing a personalised solution to automating your dispensary and delivering better efficiencies for your pharmacy.

A look at your future pharmacy

To better facilitate a formal assessment of your pharmacy, with the goal of providing an automation solution, our advisors will discuss and appraise all elements of your pharmacy and its potential.

This appraisal will include business size, script quantities, stock lines, projected growth, floor plan analysis, and ultimately your return on investment.

Bespoke design solutions are able to be created to suit your pharmacy’s specific requirements.

All key stakeholders are engaged through each step and consideration of contingencies, until an agreement is reached and final proposal presented.

Complete guidance every step of the way

Once your Rowa is ordered and the delivery timelines confirmed, our experienced project team will coordinate the entire installation process.

We provide you with full guidance and consultation at each junction of the journey, including full product training.

This will ensure complete confidence and peace of mind in your pharmacy’s digital transition and transformation.

You’re in good hands

We’re proud of our commitment to customer service and enviable reputation for providing ongoing support.

Our service team provide a weekly remote login to analyse the performance of your equipment, which is reinforced with a regular on-site preventative maintenance visit every six months.

We provide national assistance seven days a week with a 24-hour on-call support network, combined with service representation as required.

Our specially trained service technicians are dedicated to offering you the necessary service and support you need.

Make the change

We encourage you that now is the time to make the commitment to embrace digital innovation and automation as the year will pass at a rapid pace.

With optimised storage and improved workflows in your pharmacy, you will then be able to concentrate to a greater extent on what is important to your customers — positive health outcomes.

Can we encourage you to make 2019 the year of creating efficiencies in your pharmacy workflow model? You will look back and question why your decision to act was not made a little sooner.

If you would like to know more about automating your dispensary and creating a pharmacy of the future, may we invite you to contact your local BD Rowa sales advisor for a free, no-obligation consultation on 1800 385 471.

Robert Allen, Sales Director ANZ, BD Rowa™ Technologies

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