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More Time to Care?

The MPS Medication Management System eases strain on pharmacy resources providing pharmacists with more time for professional services — and more time to care for their customers.

Keeping pace with advancements in medication management is essential for pharmacy owners moving forward.

Today, 1.5 million Australians aged over 50 are taking at least five drugs or supplements a day and this market is expected to grow by 100 per cent over the next few years.

By 2026 there will be three million Australians taking more than five medications a day, one million of these will be receiving medication in a Dose Administration Aid (DAA) from a community pharmacy.

Is your pharmacy equipped to manage this level of growth?

MPS Australia is an innovator in the automation of medication management systems. Our system was created by pharmacists, for pharmacists.

Outsourcing and automating the packing of your DAAs is a better business model. It mitigates the risk of medication error. Clinical studies worldwide confirm that hand-packing DAAs carries a higher risk of medication incident than automated packing.

About 100,000 hospital admissions per year in Australia are associated with preventable medication incidents.

By providing better medication management solutions to pharmacists, we can assure better health outcomes and better quality of life for all Australians.

MPS has been on this journey for more than 15 years and invites you to join us.

Along with our outsourced and automated DAA solution for pharmacists, we also offer software solutions for a complexity of administrative tasks from doctors’ letters, to claiming, and other documentation associated with a customer.

Streamlining systems through good medication management leaves pharmacists and their staff with more time to care — more time to talk to their customers and provide clinical services. Today, healthier older people are seeking support to stay in their homes, and better medication management delivered by a local pharmacist is essential.

Outsourcing your DAA packing to MPS — into MPS Packettes — requires no software installation.

HealthStream™ sends medication order details to one of our three Dose Manufacturing Facilities (DMFs). The orders are then carefully processed, and the MPS Packettes are couriered to your pharmacy for collection.

Sophisticated state-of-the-art machinery and technology ensures each MPS Packette — a small plastic packette containing the appropriate medicines for a particular date and dose time — is packed securely to the highest quality and accuracy at our DMFs.

They are all labelled with a unique identifier for quality assurance. During the automated packing process, electronic barcodes crosscheck and verify that correct medication has been delivered into each MPS Packette.

Each MPS Packette is photographed by a Medicine Detection Machine (MDM) and referenced against a database of images to further crosscheck that the correct medication has been packed. Each image is then stored in a library for traceability and accountability.

This stringent process is designed to ensure the contents of each MPS Packette exactly match the medication order supplied.

Preparation of individual medication doses into MPS Packettes is carried out according to HealthStream™ records. HealthStream™ contains a customer’s profile and medication history, including all medication prescribed, packed and administered, along with information relating to allergies, special instructions and medication indications.

Developed as a ‘single point of truth’, HealthStream™ is accessible to all healthcare professionals facilitating the most accurate and up-to-date communication with any changes to a medication regime visible immediately via the Web.

This removes complications associated with multiple systems and data entry points and supports best practice clinical care.

Medication Management has moved on. For a better way of caring for your customers, call us at MPS on 1800 003 938. Visit

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