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About Us

A marketing and communications arm of Gold Cross, Australasian Pharmacy is a key spoke in The Pharmacy Guild of Australia wheel, and a marketing and communications channel for the Australian pharmacy community.

Based in Brisbane, we serve the entire pharmacy community of Australia and work in partnership with The Pharmacy Guild of NZ.

We are curators of quality content for pharmacists, pharmacy owners, pharmacy managers and those who are the key decision makers in pharmacy. We connect our valued members and subscribers with the most current information, cutting edge thought, expert knowledge and new product developments available.

Gold Cross has been serving the tightly knit pharmacy community for more than 50 years, with the Guild’s Gold Cross logo instantly recognisable, it is the only logo in Australia that represents community pharmacy.

Our mission is simple and clear:

  • To uphold the values and strength of the trusted Gold Cross brand
  • To provide our pharmacy community with the latest information & education, product & service developments, and business news in the healthcare industry
  • To support our partners by providing a firm foundation of credibility for their products & services, cutting through the noise in the market
  • To provide our partners with access to the pharmacy community through direct marketing & communication platforms
  • To facilitate a trusted channel for brands wanting their healthcare related products & services to be visible to those in pharmacy

As a communications platform we use a range of media to engage and connect with our community, these include:
- Audio
- Video
- And the good old-fashioned written word through interviews and tailored content

In sharing the latest information available, we also want you to feel good when you come to our site and enjoy the content we have positioned for you. For that reason, we like to focus on the more positive elements of what’s new and topical. We’re also a small, friendly team – we love this as it keeps us more personally engaged with our members, something we believe is a big plus.

So, if you would like to join our community and see more of what we do, go here and to find out more about our partners, go here.

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