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Advising Customers On How To Be Healthy In Each Decade Of Their Life

As a pharmacist, you are well placed to offer advice to your customer’s in how they can keep their health at optimum levels. Dr Ross Walker is an integrative cardiologist with a passion for people and health. He has kindly offered his best tips for how your customers should be staying healthy in each decade of their life. This is also advice that you can easily follow to ensure that you are healthy and happy as you age!


Exercise is key in this decade, according to Dr Walker. Exercise has enormous benefits in reducing the risk of all forms of vascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Rather than obsessing over how our body looks, we should also be taking advantage of the fact that this is as good as it’s going to get. It’s up to the age of 30 that the human body is at its most supple. What better reason do your customers need to pound the pavement or work towards conquering a long distance run? The more good habits we develop in this decade, the more likely we are to continue with them in our 30’s and beyond.


Quitting your addictions is paramount in your 30’s. Your customers may find that they’re not recovering from that extra glass or two of wine that they’re indulging in as well as they used to in their 20’s. This is perfectly normal, and a rather unfortunate side effect of ageing. That prolonged smoking habit your customer may have? They might find themselves with a persistent cough, not to mention that feeling of being short of breath when playing sport or exercising. Dr Walker strongly suggests cutting addictions now, before they begin to have devastating health effects further on in life.


It’s an unfortunate fact that our body is only designed to function optimally until the age of 40. This is a throwback to the times where we were hunter gatherers, and the life expectancy was markedly lower than it is today.

A key feature of our 40’s is the metabolic processes slowing. Our fat storage mechanisms lose the ability to process and distribute fat for fuel, which leads to overload, which leads to accumulation of fat. For females, this occurs most commonly around the backside and the upper arms. However, dangerous fat accumulates in two main areas, with the belly fat being the worst. Belly fat is also an indication of fat in more serious sites, such as vital organs and arteries.

During this decade, we should be focusing on our eating habits. The best advice here is to eat less, and if there are deficiencies in your diet, consider a supplement. For example, fish oil is a strong anti-inflammatory. There is a body of scientific evidence that shows that inflammation is a key factor in all modern diseases. Ubiquinol is a fantastic way to naturally boost your energy levels without relying on that extra cup of coffee.


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