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An Australian first, Zamil Solanki takes business coaching to a whole new level


Zamil Solanki is the only coach in Australia who pairs global research and techniques with his own experiences. He focuses on 5 key pillars – mindset, planning, leadership, marketing and sales, and specialises in workflow, innovation, automation and systems.

As an award-winning Pharmacist and Entrepreneur, Zamil dedicates his life to helping health entrepreneurs and their teams succeed. 

Zamil works with small businesses to large multinational organisations to help overcome their unique challenges, leverage their opportunities, and achieve their goals, through curated training programs, and bespoke holistic solutions.

“By 2030, we will have a community of over 1000 allied health professionals and entrepreneurs working together to better the health of individuals and their communities all over the world.  We are guiding and supporting health entrepreneurs to create successful businesses with happy teams – bringing both the executive team and their talent on the journey of business, physical and emotional wellbeing.” said Zamil. 

Working with entrepreneurs from all walks of life, from students to owners, and industry leaders to CEO’s, Zamil has made many significant achievements since launching his coaching business in 2019 including:  

  • Increasing client revenue by over 12x 
  • Enhancing client customer retention by over 250% 
  • Redeploying 100+ hours of Pharmacist labour to improve patient care

“Many consultants offer theoretical advice but Zamil is all practical. He’s lived his process and through his Pharmacy background, he effectively identified and resolved issues from within my business (even wearing the white jacket to dig deeper). He’s added great value to me both professionally and personally. I’m now less stressed, super focused and best of all, have more quality time with my family,” said Frank Uccelini, Multiple Pharmacy Owner.


The business journey for Zamil began from just two years of age, growing up in his mother’s pharmacy and learning the ropes from the bottom up. 

Throughout Zamil’s career he has become Co-Proprietor of TerryWhite Chemmart, awarded the TerryWhite Chemmart Pharmacist of the Year in 2017, Co-Founded The Innovative Pharmacy Group, became a finalist in the Pharmacy Guild of Australia Pharmacy of the Year awards and sold his pharmacy in 2019 after growing the business by over 4 million dollars and selling it for more than three times the industry average multiple. 

He was recently appointed to the Advisory Board of an international health start-up and featured in several international publications and podcasts.

“There’s nobody in Australia with this level of pharmacy expertise,” said Max Mito, CEO, Strong Room

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