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As govt cuts back on subsidised psych visits, pharmacist urges people to start their journey to better mental wellbeing at local pharmacy

Pharmacists are increasingly stepping in to provide expanded healthcare services in the current health landscape. Following last week’s announcement that the Government will be reducing psychology visits for Australians, access to these subsidised visits to mental health services will be halved for Australians within weeks.

Community pharmacies are the most readily accessible healthcare destinations, with Pharmacists identified as one of the most trusted professions, along with doctors and nurses, and often the first point of contact for health advice.

Blooms The Chemist offers a Healthy Mind Checkup, which is a private conversation between a client and their local Blooms The Chemist Pharmacist, or trained mental health first aid team member to discuss their mental health concerns.

Blooms The Chemist Kenmore Pharmacist and Owner, Hannah McTier, is urging Australians who are facing mental wellbeing challenges to initiate a conversation with their local community Pharmacist.

“I am experiencing first-hand, the impact and prevalence of mental wellbeing challenges currently experienced in my local community, and the vital role Pharmacists play in being an essential resource for people to get support and advice.”

Pharmacists can help people quickly assess areas such as sleep health and habits, suggest ways to connect with friends and family, provide advice on a healthy diet, keeping physically active and how to manage stress – all of which can support better mental wellbeing. It’s also important people regularly review medications that may affect mental health, and know where and when to seek additional mental health services support.

Anxiety disorders such as Social Phobia are the most prevalent mental health conditions, followed by affective disorders that include Depression, and substance use disorders such as Alcohol Dependence.

While professional help is always advised for someone struggling with their mental health, people can implement preventative strategies in their day-to-day lives to better support their mental wellbeing, and this journey can begin with their local trusted Pharmacist.


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