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Attention Compounders: Troches just got better

In the world of pharmacy compounding, troches have been a staple dosage form for decades.

These patient-specific, medicated lozenges — typically compounded with polyethylene glycol or gelatin — have allowed compounding pharmacies to help patients with diverse needs from hormone replacement therapy to dental, and ear, nose and throat applications.

However, there haven’t been any major improvements in this dosage form for some time, and increasingly, pharmacists, prescribers and patients are also looking for options with natural ingredients.

This is why we developed NataTroche, the first proprietary troche base made with natural ingredients and free of polyethylene glycol or gelatin.

It also has a pleasant texture similar to chocolate that patients will like.

Perhaps most important though is the taste. NataTroche has a subtle sweetness and flavour, masking bitter drugs very well by itself — including progesterone.

For many formulations, compounders won’t have to add additional ingredients to adjust the flavour.

This means that NataTroche is easier and more efficient for them, while also creating a better experience for their patients.

We’ve already developed and tested over 70 formulas with NataTroche and we’ll continue to create more. PCCA members can access them here.

Benefits for compounders
  • Easy to work with
    Its emulsifying properties improve solubilisation and make it easier to incorporate active pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • Saves time
    Many NataTroche formulations will not require additional ingredients to be weighed and added, such as sweeteners, flavours, silica gel, xanthan gum or acacia.
  • Broad application
    It has an ideal melting point of 55–61 °C, allowing compounders to use a wide variety of active pharmaceutical ingredients, and allowing the troches to
    be stored at room temperature.
Benefits for patients


  • Better taste and texture
    NataTroche’s proprietary formula offers a pleasant taste with a texture similar to chocolate, while masking bitter flavours better than other troche bases.
  • Enhanced delivery
    It dissolves faster than polyethylene glycol or gelatin troche bases, and its lipid composition improves contact time with oral mucosa, therefore potentially improving absorption.
  • Convenient
    It’s anhydrous, allowing for long beyond-use dates at room temperature and less frequent prescription refills.
  • Natural-ingredient option
    It’s a great option for patients or prescribers who would prefer compounds with natural ingredients.

If PCCA members have questions about compounding with NataTroche, they can contact our Clinical Services department on 02 9316 1500.

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