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Aussies aim for wakeup call record as sleep deprivation takes its toll

  • World Sleep Day shines spotlight on effects of sleep deprivation
  • 1 in 10 Australians are affected by sleep apnoea
  • 80% of Australians are undiagnosed with potential life-threatening consequences
  • A good night’s sleep supports immunity
  • Affordable sleep tests bringing hope to millions

Alarming statistics about the physical and mental impact of poor sleep on the health of Australians are on the agenda this World Sleep Day (Friday 19 March, 2021), as Australia’s leading community pharmacy group, Blooms The Chemist, aims for a national Wakeup Call record, shining the spotlight on the dangers of leaving sleep issues such as sleep apnoea unchecked.

According to The Sleep Health Foundation (2021), sleep issues are on the rise following high levels of disruption to our lives brought on by the change in lifestyle patterns due to COVID-191. Poor sleep hygiene affects our immunity which is vitally important during this time.

More than a third of Australian adults do not get enough quality sleep with the annual cost of inadequate sleep (2016-2017) estimated to be $66.3 billion3. Sleep deprivation from conditions such as sleep apnoea affect our mental wellbeing, clarity of thinking, work performance, our relationships and even safety when driving or operating machinery, potentially putting the lives of others at risk.

Head of Pharmacy at Blooms The Chemist, Eric Chan, said alarmingly our communities are increasingly feeling the impact of sleep conditions such as sleep apnoea which affects one in ten Australians.

“This World Sleep Day Blooms The Chemist has launched Australia’s Biggest Wakeup Call challenge as part of our mission to help Australians wake up and learn more about the devastating health impacts from sleep apnoea, of which 80% are undiagnosed,” said Chan.

“A lack of sleep may lead to many health issues, not least of all an influence on the potential risk of chronic health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, depression, reduced immunity and even heart disease,” said Chan.

Sleep apnoea symptoms include loud and persistent snoring, witnessed pauses in breathing and choking or gasping for air.

“Marking World Sleep Day 2021, Blooms The Chemist is inviting Australians to take the Blooms The Chemist free online Sleep Quiz to gain insight into the sleep patterns within our communities in order to help them get a proper night’s rest,” said Emmanuel Vavoulas, Pharmacist and Head of Retail at Blooms The Chemist.

“At Blooms The Chemist, we are proud to have trained sleep experts across our pharmacy network who are able to support customers with guidance on solutions to reduce sleep apnoea and its associated symptoms,” said Vavoulas.

To join Australia’s Biggest Wakeup Call challenge, take the Blooms The Chemist Sleep Quiz here.

• Every Blooms The Chemist Pharmacist is a medically qualified health professional. The diagnosis and treatment of Sleep Apnoea is a serious health matter and needs to be safely managed.

• We offer our customers authentic and trusted modern Sleep Health Services across our network of local community pharmacies as well as online.

• Our Sleep Health Services include Sleep Apnoea tests available in-store as well as other products and services

• Blooms The Chemist helps customers understand if they are at risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea with a free online sleep assessment, and an over-night at home sleep test.

• More information on sleep apnoea testing can be found here.

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