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Australian first digital platform helps older people age their way

iLA announces the launch of LiveUp, a new free, nationwide, digital-first healthy ageing service at  LiveUp includes a screening tool with expert advice connecting older Australians to local services, support networks and assistive products and equipment that will help them to age independently, their way. 

iLA was provided with funding from the Australian Government to create the website and screening tool that supports early intervention and delays premature decline of an older person’s capacity to live or function independently.

General Manager of iLA, Andrea Morris, said LiveUp will change the way older Australians approach ageing. 

“LiveUp gives older Australians the ideas, tools, and guidance to keep doing the things they already know and love, or to try something a bit different.” 

“The science shows that only 25% of ageing is attributed to the genes we inherit, the remaining 75% of ageing can be attributed to lifestyle choices we make! That’s why LiveUp is designed to give people a breadth of opportunities to maintain or even improve their independence and add life to years, not just years to life.”  

“Older Australians will receive curated advice about low-cost products and equipment, known as assistive technology, that help with their activities of daily living. They can find locally relevant services and networks so they can stay supported and connected. The digital platform will grow and develop as we continue to add more resources to help people with their healthy ageing journey.” 

“In simple terms, it creates a personal roadmap to take control of ageing. And that’s whether someone is starting to feel a twinge or two or is a great-grandparent who could use aids and equipment to support their day-to-day tasks at home or in the community.” 

By understanding how to take control of many of the changes that occur from ageing, older Australians can take action and enjoy a better quality of life. We all hold the key to ageing in our own hands and minds.  

LiveUp. Welcome to the upside of ageing.

LiveUp launched on Saturday the 12th of Feb. 2022

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