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Australian first – Perth company harvests medicinal cannabis for commercial use

Australia’s first crop of medicinal cannabis for commercial use was harvested last week by Perth based phytopharmaceutical company Little Green Pharma.

Little Green Pharma is a private entity specialising in cultivating and producing high quality, locally grown medicinal cannabis. The company announced in December 2017 it was cultivating its first crop at its secure growing facility south of Perth. The cultivation marked the first time medicinal cannabis had been grown in WA.

Little Green Pharma Managing Director, Fleta Solomon, said the company had reached another great milestone towards its goal of producing clean, southwest grown medicinal cannabis.

“We will now dry the flower and, shortly after, extract a sample of resin to send to an approved certified laboratory,” Ms Solomon said. “Testing the resin for purity and quality assurance is mandatory.”

Strict controls around the production of medicinal cannabis meant the company could not reveal the location of its secure hydroponic growing facility, although the plants being cultivated generally had lower levels of the psychoactive THC cannabinoid and higher levels of the non-psychoactive CBD cannabinoid compared to recreational marijuana.

Ms Solomon said the Directors of Little Green Pharma had recently returned from a fact-finding mission on the medicinal cannabis industry which took them to Israel, Canada and the USA. They looked at best practice growing and manufacturing facilities on a large scale and would now proceed to raise funds to enable the company to ramp up production in WA.

“Little Green Pharma’s long-term aim is to build a world class facility on our doorstep right here in WA,” she said.

“With the advantage we have of being the first mover in Australia combined with the Australian Government’s vision of our nation being the world’s premier exporter of high grade medicinal cannabis and the growing number of countries legalising it, we believe it is the perfect time to expand our operations.”

Ms Solomon said Little Green Pharma planned to participate in medical research on medicinal cannabis and was in end stage talks with reputable research institutions in WA and overseas.

Little Green Pharma is the only company in WA with a licence and permit from the Office of Drug Control to grow locally.

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