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Australian Pharmacists Moving To Electronic Drug Registers In Record Numbers

Methsof - Australian Pharmacists Moving To Electronic Drug Registers In Record Numbers - News

The Latest Technology For Pharmacies Offer Massive Productivity Gains by Saving Time, Improving Record Keeping and Enabling Better Customer Experiences.

All businesses are being transformed by the digital revolution that continues to accelerate at amazing speeds. Smart businesses are thinking in new ways to improve their businesses taking advantages of these new opportunities.

Advances in the interoperability of business systems combined with low cost and easy to deploy business improvement software are transforming pharmacy operations in ever increasing numbers.

Smart business software is taking time out of previously manual and often error-prone business processes. What organisations should be looking for are solutions that are native to the operating environment of their particular industry.

In the pharmacy industry, two such areas of opportunity are electronic registers for recording and reporting dispensing of Schedule 8 prescribed drugs and software management systems for methadone programs.

Well deployed software solutions that integrate with other dispense platforms are offering major productivity gains to busy pharmacies. In addition to saving time, which equates to saving money, record keeping and custom reporting is offered that improves compliance to regulatory obligations.

In the last two years, the adoption and usage of electronic registers to replace manual paper based ones has literally exploded. The improved accuracy and reporting functionality combined with massive time savings due to integration with almost all dispensing platforms has seen DD-Book by Methsof, almost become the de-facto industry standard for electronic drug registers. At a cost of less than $0.50 cents per day for a standard licence, the economics are compelling.

The ever increasing popularity of the Meth.D.A™ solution for pharmacies with a Methadone/Suboxone/Subutex program, is being driven by its ease of use, built in reporting, paperless capability, support of optional hardware accessories including electronic signature pad, electronic methadone pump and digital camera for patient photos, to name but a few.

The combination of outstanding customer support and a regular program of product improvement cycles has seen the solution lead the market for almost 10 years. Best of all, tiered pricing based on usage levels combined with a generous 3 month free trial period is seeing a similar surge in adoption.

Australians are often early adopters of new technology. Australian pharmacies are busy places. Their owners and managers are after smarter and more productive ways of working. Methsof are seeing record numbers every month jumping onboard and wanting to get started. The ease of setup and the simplicity of the software makes onboarding easy. When you combine it with no long term contracts and free trial periods, it’s really a no-brainer.

Methsof is a proudly Australian owned and operated technology company. Methsof is deeply committed to technology and how it can improve both health outcomes and the operation of pharmacy businesses. Methsof’s leading solutions are powering over 50% of Australian pharmacies.

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