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Become a Preceptor and Share Your Knowledge

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At the beginning of each year, a cohort of eager graduates around Australia take their first steps into the industry as intern pharmacists, keen to soak up everything their preceptors have to teach.

Becoming a preceptor for an intern can be a fulfilling experience, both personally and professionally. It’s your chance to share what you have learned (both the good and the bad). So, whether you’re thinking about succession planning or would value a new perspective from a fresh set of eyes, interns can play and important role for your pharmacy.

When pharmacist, Matthew Bellgrove became a preceptor, he saw the many positive benefits of hiring an intern.

“Employing an intern brings an injection of new ideas and skills into the pharmacy and I’ve found that this can play a significant role in pharmacy growth. The rapport we build with our regular patients is very important and I believe introducing new, young interns into the pharmacy is a great way to create lasting connections, well into the future,” he said.

Interns join the industry with the most up-to-date clinical knowledge, but not always the practical experience. But, they have the enthusiasm to drive professional services and health promotions, and are encouraged to do so in their intern program coursework.

In addition, interns are able to assist in all areas of the pharmacy, including counselling customers, conducting staff meetings, working in the dispensary and more. With your help, the intern year prepares new graduates for their career in community pharmacy, especially in the areas important to you.

Our ITP offers a flexible structure that gives interns the opportunity to focus on your business. Importantly, you’ll be able to give your intern the best start to their career, with the maximum support through the Guild Intern Training Program!

Become a preceptor and recommend the Guild ITP to your intern today!

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