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Bowel Cancer Australia: Let It Grow Or Let It Go This Decembhair

Sign up today to be a part of Bowel Cancer Australia’s hair-raising fundraiser encouraging you to get beardy or hairy to raise awareness and funds to help beat bowel cancer.

All you need to do is grow a beard or some chin stubble and promote your facial hair to help beat bowel cancer.

No stubble, no trouble. Head, legs, brows, chest – if it is hair – let it grow, or let it go!

Each week 300 Australians are diagnosed with bowel cancer and 103 die, making it Australia’s second deadliest cancer.

1. Sign up and start making a difference today. 

2. Create your profile, set your target, add a picture and blurb about why you’re getting hairy (or not) and you’re good to go!

3. Raise funds on your own or create a team and grow together!

4. Share the online link to your fundraising page with family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues, so they can donate in support of your hair-raising efforts.

5. Track your progress, post updates, and see donations and messages from your supporters on your page.

“In late February last year, my beautiful dad Paul, was admitted to hospital. He was told by the oncologist that he had 3-6 months to live. We lost him five days later to an aggressive form of bowel cancer.

I researched donating my hair to make wigs for cancer patients and found that children’s wigs took longer hair to make than adult wigs. Being a primary school teacher and having lost one of my students to cancer previously, donating my hair for a child’s wig was a no brainer.

However, I also wanted to make sure that there was something to honour the memory of my wonderful and always generous dad. By setting up a fundraising webpage, I was able to ask for donations for the cut.

The more donations, the shorter the cut would be, and the longer the hair donations for a wig.” ~ Katie.

“Bowel cancer is very important to my family and to me. Like so many other families in Australia, we have had to deal with the loss of family members due to bowel cancer.

In May of 2016, my uncle (also my godfather) passed away due to bowel cancer at the age of 68. My family was heartbroken to first hear the news, then to go through it all with him.

From this, bowel cancer awareness and prevention has always been important to me. I do it to honour his life and story, and to make a change in the community.” ~ John

Beards aren’t just for hipsters, grandpas, men that ride motorbikes or people that are too lazy to shave. Anyone can help make real change happen this Decembeard.

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