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Burleigh Heads Cannabis’s CanView platform prepares doctors and pharmacists ahead of high demand for medicinal cannabis

Through Australia’s largest medicinal cannabis platform CanView, Burleigh Heads Cannabis (BHC) has sold more than $10 million in products since launching in June last year.

There has been a recent surge in interest following the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) decision to allow the first medicinal cannabis products to be sold over-the-counter in pharmacies.

While approved low-dose (Schedule 3) products are expected to take months to go through the individual product approval process, that didn’t stop Australians from going in droves and asking pharmacists for more
information about the low-dose cannabinoid oil (CBD oil) products over the past month.

Milan Tappoo has been a practising pharmacist for over ten years and is a Senior Partner at The Infinity Group, which owns 53 pharmacies, including 31 Priceline Pharmacies, 18 Infinity Pharmacies and 4 Chemist Discount

“We witnessed a huge increase in demand and interest across all our stores since the TGA’s announcement.

While there are no low-dose CBD medications currently registered, the news has raised awareness of medicinal cannabis and its therapeutic benefits. It’s driven people to their doctors to discuss prescription options instead and now we are dispensing medicinal cannabis daily,” says Milan Tappoo, Senior Partner at The Infinity Group.

“For us, BHC’s technology, including its CanView platform, has enabled us to meet this influx of demand head-on. Rather than having multiple accounts with different suppliers, each of our pharmacies has just one account that allows them to order from multiple brands at once. The patient journey in accessing medicinal cannabis has significantly reduced as well. We might have waited up to 10 days previously to facilitate a script, but now it’s usually just 1-2 days through BHC’s CanView,” added Tappoo.

Currently, the only online medicinal cannabis platform of its kind in Australia, BHC’s CanView brings together suppliers, producers, pharmacists and doctors and connects them with medicinal cannabis products from
various suppliers. BHC stocks the widest range in Australia, with more than 80 products available from a mix of mostly local and some international suppliers.

Before the TGA announcement, BHC had already registered more than a quarter of Australia’s pharmacies, with 325 registered doctors and thousands of active medical cannabis patients who are using the platform.

As a further sign of its growth, more than 21 per cent of the 70,000+ products shipped by BHC to Australian patients since its launch in June were from February alone.

BHC’s CanView offers educational resources and training courses for prescribing doctors and compounding pharmacists to help them prepare and learn about the growing medicinal cannabis industry.

“If the initial response to the TGA announcement is anything to go by, then now is the time to be learning about the products ahead of further demand. We’re encouraging doctors and pharmacists to sign up for the free platform now, and to go through the training courses we have available before the first products hit the shelves,” said Rachael Cooney, General Manager of CDA Health and Burleigh Heads Cannabis.

“With the ever-changing legislation and increase in demand around medicinal cannabis, our aim is for BHC’s CanView to be the go-to platform for pharmacies, doctors and patients across the country,” says Ryan Tattle,
Head of Distribution at Burleigh Heads Cannabis.

“Pharmacies can quickly fulfil patient’s prescriptions with no need to re-upload approval documentation, which was time-consuming in the past. This has significantly decreased both the cost and time to get cannabis
medication into patients hands,” continues Tattle.

George Polimenakos is the General Manager Medical ANZ for Tilray, a Canadian pharmaceutical and cannabis company and a global leader in cannabis research, cultivation, processing and distribution.

“Working with a distributor like Burleigh Heads Cannabis is a win-win for us. We get to access a better footprint in Australia through BHC’s CanView’s large network of pharmacies. It’s great for us and patients because it
puts medicinal cannabis within reach for consumers at their own community pharmacy. And it allows Tilray to get medicinal cannabis products to Australians a lot faster,” said Polimenakos.

BHC’s CanView also provides both pharmacies and doctors with current information on regulations, legislation and industry updates, surrounding the access and the use of medicinal cannabis.

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