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Canesten added to Pharmacy Click and Collect

Bayer Australia and Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s Pharmacy Click and Collect have partnered together in a click & collect program for Canesten Women’s Intimate Health.

Bayer will connect their Canesten website to the Pharmacy Click and Collect eCommerce platform to provide customers a better and convenient way of purchasing Canesten Women’s Intimate Health products.

For many women, discussing thrush with a pharmacist is an embarrassing experience and thus they avoid treatment or self-treat.

Via the Canesten website (, these women can discreetly self-assess whether it may be safe to treat their symptoms with Canesten or whether further consultation is required.

After a customer completes questions via the online ‘Canesten Symptom and Solution adviser’, they can choose a 1-day, 3-day or 6-day treatment product.

Once they have selected the product, they can select the Pharmacy Click and Collect link to pick their local pharmacy, pay online and go instore to pick up the product.

Pharmacist Aaron D’Souza, the General Manager of Pharmacy Click and Collect adds that “consumers are turning to brands that provide positive and easy experiences. eCommerce can satisfy this demand. Canesten is solving the customer ‘pain point’ of ’embarrassment’ and supporting a direct connection to the nearest community pharmacy”.

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