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Cash scammer pulls off ‘magic trick’ in pharmacy

A complex cash scam is targeting inexperienced young staff at an Adelaide pharmacy.

CCTV footage shows a customer tricking a cashier into giving him considerably more change than he was due.

The scam begins with a man arriving at the cash register under the guise he’s buying a $3 hand soap.

Using a $100 note to pay he then pulls notes and coins out of his wallet and pocket, asking for the money to be exchanged.

During the exchange he slides cash into his wallet, takes control of the counting and, by the end of it all, has walked out with $50 more than he walked in with.

Vu Vo, the owner of the Wayville business, says opportunistic thieves are targeting young and vulnerable staff.

He told 9News the scam was a planned deception.

“It was almost like a magic trick, it was very quick,” Mr Vo said.

“He had it all planned out. He knew exactly what he was doing; buy a cheap item, give a big note and then bring out a pocket full of coins when you can pay with that.”

While the amount of money taken was small, Mr Vo feels the scam targets young people just entering the workforce, whose confidence can be shattered.

“Coming out into the workforce and experiencing these sorts of things just makes them like more cheated and less trust in other people.”

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