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Collaboration key to safeguarding the future of pharmacy

Peak pharmacy conference provides platform to highlight importance of Pharmacist wellbeing

Community pharmacy has experienced another tough year, with lingering effects from the pandemic, staff shortages and ongoing industry challenges all taking their toll on the profession. To support Pharmacists in these difficult times, at the industry’s peak conference, Blooms The Chemist presents a series of thought-provoking discussions and opportunities to share, collaborate and connect to help safeguard the future of pharmacy.  

Speaking ahead of the Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference (APP) 2023, Blooms The Chemist Chief Executive Officer, Emmanuel Vavoulas, says it’s important the profession works together to tackle the issues facing them, and look to the opportunities that oftentimes emerge from adversity, which starts by ensuring the wellbeing of Pharmacists themselves.

“Blooms The Chemist is united by our commitment to deliver greater health and wellbeing for all, including our fellow Pharmacists across the industry,” said Vavoulas.

“However, we must acknowledge that the industry challenges we have all faced have taken their toll. We have seen experienced Pharmacists leave the profession and we know others early in their careers may feel disillusioned and under-resourced.”

As such, under the overarching theme, ‘Better Together’, Blooms The Chemist has designed an inspiring APP keynote session and thought-provoking panel featuring Dr Tahnee Bridson, on why healthcare industry collaboration and prioritising self-care are key to delivering better patient outcomes and healthier teams. The Blooms The Chemist panel session invites experts from inside and outside pharmacy to share practical strategies for collaboration amongst healthcare practitioners and self-care strategies to build better resilience and wellbeing for individual Pharmacists.

“With extended scope of practice already underway, it’s so important that we take the time to listen and better understand what can be improved in our profession, and how collaboration is key to ensuring better outcomes for Pharmacists and patients alike,” he adds.  

Another drawcard of the event will be a unique opportunity led by Blooms The Chemist where Pharmacists will be invited, for the first time, to be candid in sharing what they love, and what they feel could be improved about their profession, with the insights used to inform a Whitepaper and other key resources.

This will be facilitated by a rare opportunity to book an intimate ‘Pharmacist to Pharmacist Chat’ with Blooms The Chemist CEO, Emmanuel Vavoulas, at designated timeslots across the Friday or Saturday during APP. To gain even deeper knowledge and understanding about what matters most to Pharmacists right now, Blooms The Chemist will also conduct an important Pharmacist Focus Survey with responses captured via a video booth (similar to a photo booth set-up), as well as an online survey, with the chance to win a lucrative travel voucher and other self-care prizes, with the aim of supporting Pharmacists’ wellbeing.

“We’re aiming to capture deeper insights into the motivations, aspirations and challenges facing our profession,” said Vavoulas. “We want to hear first-hand from Pharmacists how Blooms The Chemist and the industry can better support them to make the profession more enjoyable, to improve their experiences and  safeguard our collective future.”

In partnership with The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Blooms The Chemist is also delivering a conscious networking workshop at APP for early career Pharmacists. Facilitated by the 2022 Queensland Young Australian of the Year and Founder of Hand-n-Hand Peer Support, Dr Tahnee Bridson, the session provides practical tips on how to show up authentically, set boundaries to avoid burnout, and boost confidence in connecting and communicating with peers and patients.

Blooms The Chemist is committed to fostering the best environment within its network, and wider industry to allow Pharmacists to continue providing accessible and essential care to local communities.

“We hope that from APP Pharmacists can go away with renewed optimism and a vision for how expanded scope can create exciting career opportunities and pathways to business growth.

“There are high expectations that primary care services like community pharmacy do more to support patients, and extended scope of practice will be key in taking our profession forward and fulfilling our expanded role as healthcare professionals providing world-class programs and services,” Vavoulas continues.

“But to future-fit our industry and our businesses against inevitable change, we must ensure we support Pharmacists and highlight the importance of prioritising their own health and wellbeing. We have an opportunity to improve and elevate our profession, making the experience more rewarding and enjoyable for our colleagues and the next generation of Pharmacists.  

“Blooms The Chemist continues to attract Pharmacists seeking something more from their pharmacy career. I look forward to welcoming them to our stand and hearing more about their experiences and insights. Together we can create a better, more rewarding professional environment, and have a greater impact in our local communities.”


  • Visit Blooms The Chemist at stand 156 & 158
  • Conscious Networking: Early Career Pharmacist Workshop (4-5.30pm, Meeting Room 8, Fri 25 Mar)
  • Panel Session – Better Together: Why collaboration and prioritising self-care are key to delivering better patient care, hosted by COO Pamela Bishop (9.20-9.50am, Arena 1A, Sat 26 Mar)
  • To learn about Blooms The Chemist’s APP 2023 program visit
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