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College launches Australian community pharmacy course for overseas trained pharmacists

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College President, Ms. Michelle Bou-Samra, is pleased to announce that the Australasian College of Pharmacy, in partnership with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, has launched the Career Preparedness for Australian Community Pharmacy course for overseas trained pharmacists wishing to work in Australia. 

“The College aims to provide overseas trained pharmacists wanting to work in Australia with the knowledge and skills to practise in community pharmacy,” Ms. Bou-Samra said. 

“Through partnering with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, this course has been developed by the experts in community pharmacy who understand the pathway that overseas trained pharmacists must take to attain general pharmacist registration.”

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Each module has been designed to provide information, increase knowledge and be applicable to practice to ensure a smooth pathway to an Australian community pharmacy career. There are a total of five modules that cover topics such as: 

  • The Australian pharmacy landscape, 
  • Working in a community pharmacy, 
  • Community pharmacy programs and services,
  • Codes and guidelines, and
  • Completing a pharmacist internship. 

“I am pleased to announce that successful completion of the Career Preparedness for Australian Community Pharmacy course will attract a $500 discount off the price of the Guild Intern Training Program,” Ms Bou-Samra said. 

The Guild Intern Training Program is of significant value at $1,855 and provides a balance of clinical, pharmacy practice and exam preparation. Those who enroll in the Guild Intern Training Program will receive support from the team in securing an intern position in community pharmacy.

“As the leading provider of education for the pharmacy industry, the College is dedicated to supporting pharmacist education across various career pathways and journeys.”

“Whether you are living overseas and wanting to relocate to Australia, or have already moved, sign up and complete this essential training today,” Ms. Bou-Samra said. 

Visit the College website for more information

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