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Compounding Pharmacists need 360 degree support

Compounding is more than just the ingredients that you use or the formula you use it in.

Compounding pharmacists need to know that they are being supported every step of the way in their compounding process.

Regulators in Australia have been paying closer attention to the data used to substantiate the beyond-use dates (BUDs) of compounded formulas. Pharmacists are responsible for the quality of the products they prepare for their patients, and having access to reliable data about the stability of a product is paramount.

That’s why, at PCCA, our FormulaPlus™ Program is designed to evaluate the chemical potency of a formula using a stability-indicating assay over the course of a period of time at refrigerated and room temperatures.

We have taken our members’ 100 favourite formulas and put them through rigorous testing so that PCCA members can confidently assign BUDs backed by solid science.

We are also proud to announce the next stage of our program — the “Bracketed” studies. We are now analysing formulas using a bracketed range of a low and high concentration of the active ingredient.

A compounded preparation containing the active ingredients at a concentration that is equal to or between these bracketed strengths may be assigned the same BUD determined in the study (assuming all the other ingredients remain the same).

We know that if you are a compounding pharmacist, this kind of information is important to you.

Come and visit us during APP at stands 187 & 188 to discuss your compounding needs with our experienced team.

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