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Corum Clear Dispense set to make prescription dispensing safer

Corum Group Limited is combating the inefficiencies and inaccuracies of pharmacy dispense practices with the announcement of new software, Corum Clear Dispense (CCD).

Pharmacy owners want dispensing to be as efficient as possible — but individual pharmacists want to optimise patient care and safety.

Corum Clear Dispense leverages user-friendly design and technologies not previously seen by the industry to deliver both faster dispensing, customisable interface, and fewer errors and safety risks.

After thousands of hours of successful testing and trials in operating pharmacy settings, the software will be available for commercial sale from July.

Corum Group Limited were inspired to create CCD after seeing a clear gap in the market for:

• A solution that improves dispensing efficiency and productivity, with enhanced support for patient safety
• Software with user-friendly interface that simplifies adoption and training

Corum Clear Dispense has been rigorously field tested, and has passed all regulatory and integration partner approvals.

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