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Customers Looking for Natural Immune Support?

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The immune system is very important all year round, but especially important during those cold winter months. Unfortunately when winter sets in, people tend to move less, eat more food and get less sunshine.

A lack of good nutrition, exercise and rest may lead to a lowered immune system, leaving your customers more vulnerable to viruses, infection or bacteria. To help them perform at their best and stay healthy this winter season, your customers may benefit from some of the following lifestyle tips:Health World - Customers Looking for Natural Immune Support - News - 30s

Nutritional Support

Despite their best efforts with diet and lifestyle many people still find they need help to support the functioning of the immune system throughout the year. Ethical Nutrients has a supplement to not only support your customer’s immunity, but reduce the severity and duration of their cold and flu symptoms.

Ethical Nutrients Immune Defence contains a combination of herbs traditionally used in, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine including; Andrographis (King of Bitters), Siberian Ginseng and Echinacea. This formula combines these ingredients with BCM-95® Turmeric, Zinc and Vitamin A to keep the immune system healthy and help reduce the severity and duration of colds and flu, naturally. Immune Defence is just one of a range of natural options available from Ethical Nutrients to help your customers stay well during the cold and flu season.

Healthy Eating

Suggest a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole, unprocessed foods to help support your customers immune systems. Staying hydrated with lots of water can also help keep the nasties at bay.

During the winter months suggest wholesome, hearty soups and slow cooker meals that can be made the night before or over the weekend. Dedicating a few hours over the weekend to cooking meals can help them get ahead, meaning less stress for the week ahead.

Regular Exercise

Moderate consistent exercise has been shown to help boost immune system response and provide substantial benefits in immune system health over the long term.ˡ So getting out into the sunshine and moving at even a moderate pace can help your customers to feel good especially during the dark, cold winter months.

Getting Enough Rest

Quality sleep is vital to good health and a healthy immune response. Most adults should aim for 7 to 8 hours of good quality sleep per night. To help your customers avoid restless nights, encourage them to avoid caffeine after 2pm and to sleep in a quiet, dark room without television or mobile devices to distract them.

Managing Stress Levels

Your customers are quite possibly juggling family, work, study, social occasions, sporting commitments and household duties, among other things, which can lead them to feel stressed. Stress hormones can impair the function of the immune system² and how they choose to react to stress can greatly impact their health and wellbeing. Encouraging them to take time out to relax and find ways to unwind, whether it’s through exercise, practicing yoga, staying calm and breathing or simply taking the dog for a walk; can help them to reduce stress, keep healthy and lower their chances of getting sick.

With the help of these diet and lifestyle tips and some good quality nutritional support, you can help your customers stay on track to happier, healthier lives this winter season and throughout the year.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.



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