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Daddy’s wearing loud shirts – Mental health

Daddy’s wearing loud shirts!

What was once stigmatised, is in today’s pandemic-beset world, the health topic being discussed daily, from school classrooms to executive boardrooms, mental health is now recognised as a serious, debilitating, real and costly threat.

Depression, anxiety and stress are afflictions affecting millions of Australians, in any one year 1 million adults have depression and further 2 million have stress. Forty-five per cent of people will experience a mental health issue in their lifetime. The cost to those with the condition and to society at large is immense. It has been estimated that cost to the workplace alone is in excess of $10 billion per annum while the emotional and physical cost to the sufferer is immeasurable.

The fact that the extent of the problem is now in the open is in direct contrast to the shame once associated with mental health problems. As this anecdote illustrates – a woman recalled recently that when enquiring after her late father’s health some decades ago her mother (in another country) responded with, ‘Daddy’s not entirely well darling, he’s taken to wearing loud shirts’. It became apparent years later that this was polite code for a serious bout of depression which involved real distress and anguish and behavioural changes but must not be spoken of. Thankfully ‘loud shirts’ are back in the closet but depression has emerged and is treated for what it is – a serious and genuine health problem.

Medlab Clinical is an internationally recognised Australian Biotech company with a range of innovative and credible treatment solutions that have undergone stringent trials with respected institutions. Among those proven to be helpful with depression, Medlab has a unique formulation that has been clinically trialled in conjunction with the University of Queensland and the QUT and in a Phase 2 trial was found to be an effective adjunct to commonly prescribed anti-depressants in cases of treatment-resistant types of depression. The company is in the process of optimising the formulation and continuing with the clinical trials required to seek TGA approval as a registered medicine.

The combination of compounds in the formulation (probiotics, magnesium orotate and CoQ10) targets recovery of gut dysbiosis (a condition where gut bacteria become imbalanced), supports healthy cellular energy production and helps the body better absorb standard depression medications. Having identified the molecule responsible for the improvement in depressive symptoms Medlab will continue the clinical development programme, including utilising their revolutionary drug delivery platform, NanoCelle® which allows better absorption medicines, with the aim of regulatory approval.

Medlab Clinical is an ASX listed company with 42 worldwide patents for its NanoCelle® drug delivery system which in many instances eliminates the need for needles and pills when taking medication, and is an ideal development for further international partnerships.

Medlab Clinical Limited, 66 McCauley St, Alexandria NSW 2015

P: +61 2 8188 0311 F: +61 2 9699 3347

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