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Festival Security Under Fire for Confiscating Tampons, Allergy Meds, Painkillers

A festival goer was forced to smuggle tampons into Commonwealth Park in Canberra after a Spilt Milk security guard told her she was not allowed to bring them in.

Stephanie Skinner was one of 25,000 revellers who attended the music festival on Saturday.

Festival goers took to social media to report a number of items confiscated including sunscreen and medication.

Ms Skinner said she opened her bag, which contained a box of tampons and Naprogesic, a type of pain medication for periods, for a security guard to check.

“When she looked into my bag she said I wasn’t allowed to bring either items into the festival with me,” Ms Skinner said.

“I challenged that and said I needed them, in particular the tampons.”

A spokeswoman for Spilt Milk’s organiser, Kicks Entertainment, said tampons were not a banned item unless tampered with.

“We are very sorry to hear that one guard may have acted outside of our event safety procedure and we have taken this up with our security management company to ensure situations like this do not occur in the future.”

He said every security guard working on the entry was individually briefed and provided with a printed copy of the banned items list and medication procedures.

Ms Skinner said when she challenged the female security guard about not being able to bring the tampons in the woman said “what do you need them for?”.

“I found that really shocking because I thought it would have been quite obvious why I needed them.”

“I clarified and said I had my period and she still said sorry that’s just the rules, you’re not allowed to bring them in.”

Ms Skinner said she was told to move to a different check point for ambulance volunteers to approve or confiscate. She was told the Naprogesic was not allowed in the festival because it was not a prescription.

“It was completely sealed, like the blister pack was not tampered at all and I still wasn’t allowed to bring them in.”

Ms Skinner said she left the security check line and put both the medication and tampons down her shirt.

“I had to smuggle tampons into the festival.”

“They said there were some available at the first aid stand but I think it’s stupid to have to go all the way to first aid just to get a tampon.”

Other punters raised concerns about sunscreen and over the counter medications, like paracetamol, being confiscated on entry. The spokesman said this was standard policy and these items were freely available inside the grounds.

Some festival goers were told their bags were too big to take in to the festival.

Dorothy Mahon said her daughter, who has allergy-based asthma, had her antihistamines confiscated on entry. Within an hour of the festival she had an allergic reaction and needed to go to first aid.

“The safety of the 25,000 patrons is our top priority and as such we have strict entry terms and conditions including banned items and restrictions around medication and liquids,” the spokesman said.

Police took three people into custody from the event. One was arrested and accused of assault, and the other two were taken to the watchhouse for being drunk and disorderly.

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