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Fight over $7 Eyeliner Lands Pharmacist in Court

A dispute over a $7 eyeliner and a spray of detergent caught on CCTV has landed a Sydney pharmacist in court.

Kamal Kotb sprayed a female customer with detergent at his Ryde chemist in December 2016 after accusing her of theft.

Roxanne Holmes had tried the eyeliner on in store, only to realise she didn’t have the cash to buy it.

When she returned to the store days later, she says she was lured inside with the false claim she had won a prize as the 100th customer.

When entering, she was greeted by Mr Kotb, who confronted her over the eyeliner, demanding she pay up.

CCTV footage from the store shows the moment Ms Holmes tips detergent over a shelf in anger at the accusations, before the pharmacist picks up the same bottle and squirts it in her face.

“I sort of froze and just let him do it, it was fear, just total fear,” Ms Holmes told 7 News outside Burwood Court House on Friday.

Ms Holmes can also be seen wiping a number of bottles off a shelf in retaliation.

Mr Kotb admitted he reacted poorly but told the court he thought Ms Holmes was a threat and just wanted to get her out of his store.

The magistrate found his actions to be in self-defence, deeming Mr Kotb’s actions reasonable.

Mr Kotb’s lawyer immediately rose to his feet to argue costs, but the magistrate rejected the application.

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Source 7 News

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