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Fred Marketplace, Fred’s approved software hub, now with MedAdvisor, Scrypt Ventures and Fluger

Fred Marketplace has added three new Fred partner-approved software partners this month, with the addition of MedAdvisor, Scrypt Ventures and Fluger.

Fred Marketplace is the largest single hub providing Australian pharmacies with one central access point for all Fred-approved software apps and integrations. 

With the addition of MedAdvisor, Scrypt Ventures and Fluger, 2600 Australian community pharmacies have an easy-to-use and searchable resource for finding trusted software apps and integrations from fourteen software partners.

Markus Windhofer, General Manager Growth and Partnerships, said: 

“Fred Marketplace is designed to take the risk out of trying new add-ons and integrations so that pharmacies can explore new business opportunities and efficiencies with confidence.”

“We are delighted to add vendor partners MedAdvisor, Scrypt Ventures and Fluger to Fred Marketplace, each with a strong record of innovations to help pharmacies explore new opportunities across business efficiencies and professional services. Importantly, this means that pharmacies can stay across the innovations happening across our fourteen partners, all of which are focused on making life easier for pharmacy and patients.”

The hub provides pharmacies with assurance that they can safely access third-party solutions to find the right solutions for their business, with the knowledge that:

  • Apps and integrations have been approved and fully tested for use with Fred software
  • Participating vendors are providing innovations that deliver value for pharmacy, and meet safety and security requirements. 

New third-party solutions are introduced as these are tested and approved, adding to the wide range of apps and integrations already searchable via the hub. These include apps and integrations for all areas of pharmacy, including clinical services and medication management, the Controlled Drug Register, payment processing and eCommerce, point of sale, stocktaking and ticketing. Innovations across robotics, business intelligence, clinical services, and loyalty are also showcased.

Fred Marketplace launched with six partners in August 2022. Today the hub includes fourteen of Fred’s trusted vendor partners: BD, Dataology, Fluger, GuildLink, LifeSmart, MedAdvisor, MediTech, MIMS, Modeus, Nostradata, Storbie, StrongRoom, Tyro, and Willach.

Visit Fred Marketplace at

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