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From backdated to inspirational

Pharmacy 777 Shoalwater

How an ordinary pharmacy was transformed into an award-winning business serving the local community.

When Sam Afsar, Co-proprietor of Pharmacy 777 at Shoalwater in WA employed an innovative solution to create greater efficiency in his business, he also created a business model that gave him more time to address the needs of his patients in the process.

What he didn’t realise at the time is that as well as solving his workflow issues, Spencer would become a source of great entertainment for those patients.

Sam, could you please share a little background on yourself and your journey in pharmacy?

I’ve been a pharmacist and a pharmacy owner since 2008. I’ve been part of Pharmacy 777 Shoalwater as the team leader/owner since 2012. I’ve had an incredible journey in this pharmacy.

We had a backdated pharmacy, which was quite dark, gloomy, with a lot of gifts, like cosmetics and items that are not really health related. And we are inside a community of mainly elderly clientele. We weren’t really reflecting the community’s needs, it was a pharmacy, but not a community pharmacy.

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