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Guild and Priceline Pharmacy Announce Unique Training Partnership

Pharmacy Guild of Australia, National President, George Tambassis and Priceline Pharmacy, CEO and Managing Director, Richard Vincent.

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia and Priceline Pharmacy are pleased to announce a unique partnership that will provide key training and education services to all Priceline Pharmacy team members.

The Guild’s history as a provider of quality education and training will ensure that Priceline Pharmacy stores have access to the most comprehensive and extensive training products.

Its experience with the vocational education sector will also mean that Priceline Pharmacy stores are able to take advantage of all the available government funding opportunities to assist in the delivery of qualifications or skill sets.

Richard Vincent, CEO and Managing Director, API, parent company of Priceline Pharmacy, welcomes the partnership, saying: “Priceline Pharmacy understands that to be successful in this challenging environment we must have a pharmacy workforce that is skilled and confident when engaging with our customers. Developing superior skills and knowledge within our team is a crucial part of enhancing our customers’ experience.”

The Guild’s National President, George Tambassis, also noted the importance of this partnership.

“Working with a brand like Priceline Pharmacy means that the Guild can extend its reach into community pharmacy and ensure that all pharmacy staff have access to our quality training products. We congratulate them for this initiative and look forward to working together to develop the skills and knowledge required by our customers and our industry,” he said.

This partnership has taken a ‘whole of pharmacy’ approach and identified training and education that will meet the needs of pharmacists, dispensary assistants, front-of-store managers, pharmacy assistants, and category managers.

Priceline Pharmacy teams will have access to more than 70 individual units that make up four different qualifications.

The Guild will commence working with individual Priceline Pharmacies in the coming weeks to identify training needs and recommend training and funding opportunities to meet these needs.

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