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Guild joins Small Business Digital Champions Project

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia has become an industry association member of the Government’s Small Business Digital Champions Project.

The project is designed to help Australia’s small businesses unlock the potential of technology to revolutionise their business and extend their reach.

The importance of this is reflected in the Deloitte’s Connected Small Businesses 2017 report which found that when small businesses are digitally engaged, they are 50 per cent more likely to be growing revenue, eight times more likely to be creating jobs, seven times more likely to be exporting, and 14 times more likely to be innovating new products or services.

National President of the Pharmacy Guild, George Tambassis, said community pharmacies, as small businesses, could gain a lot from greater utilisation of technology in their businesses.

“We are committed to helping our members transition to technology and to make the best use of available systems,” Mr Tambassis said.

“We are proud to be a part of the Small Business Digital Champions Project and see this as just one way we can help out members grow and maintain sustainability for their businesses.”

Under the project, 100 Australian small businesses will be selected for a comprehensive digital transformation.

Each will be paired with a Digital Mentor who is a high-profile business leader and has leveraged technology for their business’ success.

These innovators will provide personalised mentoring and guide the Digital Champions on their digital transformation journey.

Their journeys will be featured in online, interactive case studies that will provide the small business community with real-life insights into the business benefits of adopting digital technology.

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