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Guild Podcast Ep. 8: Professional innovation with Amanda Bryce

Gerald Burns Pharmacy, WA  provides patient centred care that places the patient and the community at the centre of everything they do.

The new and innovative approach takes the focus away from the dispensary to have a greater focus on professional service delivery, and provides the pharmacy a fantastic opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives.

They have a full suite of success stories and every day they get to add to their list of achievements.

The team likes to follow research, find the evidence and bring that to the patient because they place the patient at the centre of their approach.

Amanda outlines the challenges she faced in transforming her pharmacy to be focused on viable and sustainable professional services delivery, whilst also outlining the importance of celebrating the wins with her team, and always seeking new opportunities to continue to grow her business through services such as integrated medicine.

Amanda’s innovative approach to business growth is a continuous journey with new opportunities constantly on the horizon.

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