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Guild Stand on Direct Supply

The Guild is actively lobbying Health Minister Hunt to address the issue of direct supply by manufacturers by advocating that all PBS medicines be made available to pharmacies through the full line wholesalers.

We have expressed community pharmacy concerns with AstraZeneca’s recently-announced move to an exclusive direct supply arrangement for some of its products, and I have personally asked the Minister to make it a requirement that all PBS medicines be made available through the full line wholesalers.

During a meeting with the Minister’s staff yesterday, we explained how exclusive direct supply increases complexity and cost for pharmacies and undermines the Community Service Obligation, the purpose of which is to ensure that all Australians have timely access to the full range of PBS medicines in accordance with required CSO delivery standards.

Exclusive direct supply arrangements operate outside the CSO and they fragment and potentially put at risk the overall sustainability of the CSO supply chain, especially if such arrangements proliferate.

We will continue to keep up the pressure by making our case strongly to Minister Hunt. In these efforts we are supported by and are working closely with the full line wholesalers who are seeking the same solution as the Guild.

You can be assured that the Guild is actively working to get this issue addressed as quickly as possible. Guild members are very welcome to assist by expressing their concerns to Minister Hunt and AstraZeneca.

The best way to do this is to explain the impact that exclusive direct supply will have on your pharmacy and your patients and to ask the Minister to require that all PBS medicines be made available through the full line wholesalers.

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