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Help manage patients’ common skin conditions with the College’s new accredited short course


Mild plaque psoriasis and herpes zoster (Shingles) are two skin conditions that affect many Australians. Today, the Australasian College of Pharmacy (College), launched the accredited Skin Conditions Course to upskill Victorian community pharmacists on the management of both conditions.

On completion of the Skin Conditions course, which includes training on both mild plaque psoriasis and herpes zoster (shingles), Victorian pharmacists participating in the Victorian Community Pharmacist State-wide Pilot will be able to conduct standardised and structured assessments; assess for co-morbidities; provide comprehensive advice and counselling to patients; and prescribe, supply and manage some additional pharmacotherapy options. This training fulfils the requirements set out by the Secretary Approval: Community Pharmacist State-wide Pilot.

College Members can enrol in the Skin Conditions Course for free as part of their College Membership. Similarly, Guild Proprietor Members can enrol as part of their complimentary College membership.

Non-members can enrol in the Skin Conditions Course for $120. Non-members are encouraged to become a College pharmacist member for $399 and expand their scope of practice which includes access to the Skin Conditions Course, Travel Health Course, Oral Contraceptives Course and Medication Administration Course.

Gold Cross Specialist Skin

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