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If it ain’t broke… Gold Cross products going strong after 70 years

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Ever wondered about the history of certain products you’ve seen in the medicine cabinets of your grandparents, parents – and now your own? Celebrating the heritage of the Gold Cross® brand.

You may be familiar with the Gold Cross® logo – but did you know that many of the Gold Cross® remedies have been in existence for longer than the Gold Cross® brand itself?

Some have even been around for over 100 years – like calamine lotion.

Gold Cross® products can’t be found in supermarkets or health stores – no, no, no.

Gold Cross® is a trusted and respected pharmacy-only brand, with almost all pharmacies across Australia stocking at least one Gold Cross® product.

The Gold Cross® range is designed to help smooth out life’s little lumps and bumps, with products falling into five categories:

HealthCough liquids and other products for the medicine cabinet
First AidProducts that disinfect cuts and abrasions, soothe bites and stings, and ease toothaches
WellbeingVitamins and oils
Special SkinSpecialist skin products to soothe skin conditions
Household Traditional products for use in the home

In 2018, the multinational pharmaceutical company iNova Pharmaceuticals acquired the Gold Cross® brand – launching a beautiful new collaboration with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia. Together, they have embarked on the epic task of modernising the iconic heritage Gold Cross® Pharmacy-only brand for today’s consumers

Bringing the Gold from your grandparents medicine cabinet to yours

Portfolio Growth
In partnership with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, iNova is working to optimise the Gold Cross® product portfolio for a new generation of consumers and rebuild its presence in pharmacies Australia-wide.

Packaging Update
In 2019, iNova launched updated packing for the Gold Cross® product range – maintaining the iconic royal blue and yellow branding with a sleek modern look for eye-catching shelf appeal. Looking pretty good for a brand that’s over 70 years old!

Website Refresh
2021 saw the Gold Cross® website get its own facelift to help reach new consumers. And for the old faithfuls out there, the new website helpfully lists both the new and old names of any products that have a name change as part of their packaging update.

New Advertising and Training

iNova has also invested in new advertising and training materials for Gold Cross® products. For example, the exclusive editorial series that put a well-deserved spotlight on the most valued players of the Gold Cross® range, maintaining their relevance in today’s medicine cabinets!

The whole team at iNova are so proud to be involved with this trusted heritage brand in partnership with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and are excited to see where the future of Gold Cross will lead. Helping keep Aussie families healthy for over 70 years – here’s to many more!

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