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Integrating Complementary Medicine into Pharmacy Practice

Blackmores - Integrating Complementary Medicine into Pharmacy Practice - News

Pharmacists are at the frontline of the rapidly changing world of complementary medicine, according to Pharmacy Professor and international expert, Associate Professor Forrest Batz.

A/Professor Batz says pharmacists are often the first stop for information about the complex interactions between medicines both traditional and complementary.

A/Professor Batz will address the 2016 Blackmores Institute Symposium in Sydney on August 13 to educate Australian health practitioners on how to identify and prevent potential interactions between complementary health supplements and prescribed or over-the-counter medications.

He will discuss the potential interactions between drugs, herbs and nutrients and how to work with patients for the best health outcomes.

“Pharmacists are often at the front-line of good quality health care and they are well trained to identify and prevent known medication interactions. The interactions between drugs and supplements is, however, an emerging and rapidly changing field,” Dr Batz said.

Dr Treasure McGuire will discuss the integration of CM into patient care. She said: “Studies say that consumers generally consider CMs as “natural” or “harmless”, and as such, often fail to mention their use to their general practitioner. As pharmacists, we play a pivotal role in helping patients manage these potentially complex interactions.” Her session will involve participants applying an integrative service model to clinical cases to support patients in healthy ageing.

Blackmores Institute Director, Associate Professor Lesley Braun said the 2016 Symposium would focus on translating the latest research into practical knowledge for frontline health practitioners particularly pharmacists.

A/Professor Braun will showcase the latest news on the role of high dose nicotinamide in reducing the risk of non-melanoma skin cancer in at-risk patients, the role of beta glucan in reducing LDL-cholesterol and blood glucose levels and an update on the latest omega-3 research.

“The 2016 Symposium is about translating and applying the latest research into real clinical practice for Australian pharmacists in their everyday practice,” A/Professor Braun said.

Other Key presentations will include:

  • Integrating CM into patient care – Dr Treasure McGuire PhD
  • Natural medicine information in pharmacy practice – A/Professor Forrest Batz
  • Probiotics for common conditions – Sarah Culverhouse MHSc (Comp Med),
  • Health literacy and CM use in pregnancy and lactation – Larisa Barnes
  • The Omega-3 index: evidence review & application to pharmacy practice – Prof Peter Howe


The Symposium is hosted by Blackmores Institute, the academic and professional arm of leading natural health company, Blackmores Limited. Blackmore Institute works with some of Australia’s best education and research bodies and supports a wide range of research and academic activities. The Institute is currently sponsoring more than 20 research trials across Australasia.

Pharmacists can earn CPD credits* for attending the Blackmores Institute Symposium.

For more information and registration go to

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