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It’s Bean a Great 75 Years

A 75th anniversary is something special to celebrate and make a lot of noise about, and when it’s the anniversary of one of the nation’s most iconic pharmacy brands then it is an even more significant occasion.

And when that brand is the country’s best tasting jelly bean, then you know the celebrations are going to be something special.

This year that occasion is the 75th anniversary of Glucojel and to mark the occasion a series of major events running for four months from 1 May to 31 August were launched at APP2016.

All these great events running until the end of August have been designed to involve consumers, pharmacists and pharmacy assistants.

The celebrations kicked off with Pharmacy Guild of Australia National President George Tambassis cutting a special anniversary cake which was shared among APP attendees who visited the Gold Cross stand.

While at the APP Gold Cross stand, they were able to take advantage of a special Glucojel discount parcel deal and also have some fun taking part in creating a digital image using virtual Glucojel Jelly Beans. These creations, which were achieved through the use of a special Create with Glucojel software program, went into the draw to win a special anniversary Glucojel APP hamper.

At APP, Gold Cross also began taking orders for pharmacies to purchase a unique antique-style metal Glucojel jelly bean dispenser.

Underpinning the APP launch was the showing of a 60-second promotional video which now is also available on the Gold Cross website, on the Glucojel facebook page.

The elements of the promotional campaign have been strategically coordinated and include competitions that will attract broad consumer and industry interest.

Gold Cross is offering pharmacies a point-of-sale kit free of charge and pharmacies are going to be urged to use elements of this kit to create a display which will be eligible for $500 state and territory winners’ prizes and then the national $2000 prize for the best overall display.

Pharmacy assistants are an important part of the celebrations and they will be invited to be the first to join the Create with Glucojel artwork competition and submit their designs and artworks using virtual images of Glucojel jelly beans. There will be a State $250 winner with these winners going in the draw to win the National prize of $1000.

They can also use their artwork to add to their pharmacy display for the pharmacy competition and the chance for their pharmacy to take out the $2000 national prize

As part of the campaign, a major consumer competition with a grand prize of $20,000 and four monthly prizes of $1,000 each will be held. Consumers can go to the website where they can enter the Create with Glucojel competition and use the special program to create works of art using virtual Glucojel jelly beans.

And artistic talent, or a lack of it, will not be part of the judging criteria to decide the recipient of the $20,000 prize.

The winner will be drawn randomly from all entries submitted which means that every entry has an equal chance of taking out the big prize.

Consumers can even get some good ideas on how to use the Create with Glucojel program by checking out how their community pharmacy has used its staff’s own artistic creations as part of the special anniversary displays.

Gold Cross is also organising an on-pack promotional strip on the 1kg and 150gm, packets which will further promote the campaign and draw consumer attention to the anniversary celebrations.

The most popular prescription bag used by pharmacies – the No10 Satchel Guild Paper bag – will also display a special message promoting the anniversary for the duration of the campaign.

Overarching all the campaign will be a wide range of media activities including media releases, web and facebook advertising, editorial in Forefront and targeted social media support for the campaign.

Gold Cross has also secured 150 sites for outdoor advertising at selected shipping centres across the country and these sites will be used to boost consumer awareness of the campaign and remind them that Glucojel is the best tasting jelly bean available.

This is an exciting campaign and one which brings the humble Glucojel jelly bean to the forefront of consumer and industry attention in this very important anniversary year.

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