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Keep your community connected with Optus Prepaid SIMs

Optus retailer and customer journey

In a world of quarantines, COVID-19 and reduced international travel, it’s more important than ever to stay in touch with friends, family and loved ones. Pharmacists, with their close ties to the local community, have a vital role to play in keeping us all connected.

So, if you’re looking for a way to help your customers, while simultaneously increasing your profits and enhancing your already established position in the community, Optus Prepaid SIMs are just what you need.


Value meets flexibility

Optus SIM Starter Kits come in a range of different price points: $2, $30, $40, and $50. There’s a range of Prepaid plans customers can choose from, each with their own features and advantages. For example, Epic Data is ideal for high data users, while Epic Value plans have a longer expiry — making them great for people who just want to browse online. Whatever the reason your customers are purchasing them, you can be certain that Optus Prepaid SIMs are fantastic value for money.


Covering more than ever before

In addition to creating Prepaid options that offer fantastic flexibility and value, Optus have also been working hard to give Australia their best network ever. In fact, Optus’ Network covers over 98.5% of the population. They’re not stopping there though: Optus are still improving and growing their network, ensuring that more Australians than ever can stay connected.

But while the advantages for your customers are obvious, what about the benefits for your business?


A new revenue stream

Optus Prepaid SIMs are a great way to increase your AWOP/ATV and serve as a convenient add-on purchase. You’ll earn a healthy commission on each SIM sold, with additional commission each time that customer recharges at your store.


A community essential

But don’t just think of Prepaid SIMs as a fantastic new revenue model. They’re also a way to integrate your pharmacy even further into the community and develop deeper relationships with your customers — particularly in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In these times, it’s more important than ever for people to stay connected with their loved ones. And stocking SIMs will turn your pharmacy into a community hub — especially when there are restrictions or lockdowns and your pharmacy is allowed to stay open.


Drive more traffic and increase pharmacy sales

Another major benefit of stocking Optus SIMs is that it will help drive new customers into your chemist. From grandparents who want a Prepaid internet option to video chat to their grandchildren, to young

students who need to call their families. And while they’re there, they will no doubt make impulse purchases, picking up other essential pharmacy items and medications. Your pharmacy becomes more of a convenient, all-in-one place to shop. A win-win for you and the customer that ensures a more diverse revenue stream to help you through tough times.


Merchandising that suits your store

When it comes to stocking Optus Prepaid SIMS, Optus will work with you on merchandising opportunities. Using a range of pre-made solutions and promotional materials, they’ll help outfit stores of any size and format — ensuring that you have the best possible chance of selling your SIMs.

If you’d like to start stocking Optus Prepaid SIMs and help your community keep in touch, visit call 1300 30 79 79 or email to see or  discuss ranging the ideal starter kit(s) for you


How the Optus Prepaid commission works

1: Purchase a five pack of $40 SIM cards, for example, with a margin of 20% — making them $32 a SIM.

2: Customer purchases the SIM and pays $40 to the cashier.

3: You receive $8 every time a $40 SIM card is sold at this margin.

4: When the customer connects to Optus online, no commission is received.

5: For the next two recharges topped up, online, (at whatever value,) the Retailer will receive another 30% of that value.  All SIM cards have specific identifiers back to the Retailer where they were purchased

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