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Man who Robbed Pharmacy with Pitchfork Jailed

A heroin addict who tried to rob a pharmacy using a pitchfork will remain in prison until next year.

In August 2016, a 36-year-old Jamie Richardson demanded medication from a Palmwoods pharmacy and threatened staff with the weapon.

The couple who own the store and were working at the time managed to escape and locked the pharmacy’s door, but Richardson smashed through it.

A witness tackled him and put Richardson, who managed to steal three packets of painkillers, under citizen’s arrest until police arrived.

The court heard Richardson’s criminal history and drug use began when he was 13, but compounded after he suffered a traumatic life event two years later.

He yesterday pleaded guilty to armed robbery, stealing and wilful damage in Maroochydore District Court.

Judge John Robertson handed Richardson down a head sentence of six years’ imprisonment and activated the suspended sentence he was subject to at the time.

Given the 389 days Richardson has already served, he’ll be eligible for parole in October 2018.

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