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Membership Renewals – The Pharmacy Guild of Australia and How it Supports its Valued Members – Now More than Ever

The challenges encountered by community pharmacies over the past months have highlighted how the sector has gone above and beyond to help patients during times of crisis.

And, according to the National President of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, George Tambassis, the way pharmacists and pharmacy staff have responded to these challenges is something that is recognised and respected throughout the country.

“As National President of the Guild I am extremely proud of the way our member pharmacies have pulled out all stops to ensure their patients continue to receive their medicines and the services they need through pharmacies.

“I salute the dedication and commitment pharmacies and their staff have demonstrated under the most trying of circumstances.

“We’ve had bushfires in multiple States causing pressure and stress, and now of course the global pandemic which has absolutely pulverised our economy and our society.

“It’s put huge pressure on pharmacies and staff as we’ve all tried to cope with panic buying, medicine shortages, isolated patients, and risks and concerns around the health of our staff.

“But throughout it all our member pharmacies have been there for their communities. You have been open longer hours; you have dealt with scared and frustrated patients and you have had to cope with medicine shortages.

“Despite the difficulties, day in and day out you have been there at the frontline for your patients.

“I further salute all our member pharmacies and their staff for the great example they have set for all healthcare professionals.”

Mr Tambassis said the challenges highlighted the importance of having an organisation like the Guild supporting its members.

“Having the support, resources and backing of the Guild is something members have always found to be invaluable but recent experiences have underscored just how important these factors are in helping businesses continue to serve patients and survive in these difficult times.

“Information on business practices, government incentives, clinical advice and general support are part and parcel of the everyday benefits Guild members enjoy.

“And of course, they are not unique to these tough times. The services the Guild provides continue regardless of the environment – with the difference being that they are constantly updated and tailored to meet the dynamics of our ever-changing business and practice dynamics.”

Mr Tambassis said the Guild was working hard for its members.

“We’ve gone into bat for community pharmacy every day with governments at all levels,” he said.

“We understand why pharmacists joined the profession and why they wanted to become pharmacy owners.

“We are immensely proud of everything they do for their patients and their communities and we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure our members can continue to prosper and grow while improving the health outcomes of their patients.”

Mr Tambassis said the Guild also was working hard to build a future for its members and was working hard to finalise the next Community Pharmacy Agreement to give certainty to the sector.

“Everything we do at the national level complements the outstanding work of the State and Territory Branches, which continue to provide high-quality advice to members on workplace relations, human resources and business and clinical support, as well as training for pharmacists, pharmacy assistants and interns.

“As a member, the Guild has you covered.”

Article Source: The Pharmacy Guild of Australia.





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