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Mint Glucojel Launch

“Australia’s favourite brand of jellybeans, Glucogel, is about to launch a brand new mint flavour to its range, making it the first mint jellybean available in Australia. Trevor Clarkin, General Manager of Gold Cross Products and Services outlined a little more about why this highly anticipated jellybean is destined to be a crowd pleaser”

EDITOR: It’s been ten years since you last introduced a new flavour. Why did it take so long?

TREVOR: Confectionary technology and formulations are constantly evolving and we wanted to capitalise on the new developments that are arising in the industry regarding to taste, flavour and quality.

In particular, the advancement of natural colours was something we wanted to incorporate into our new jellybean flavour. So it took a little while because we wanted to make sure that when we did introduce a new flavour, it was produced using natural colours, and it would be of the highest quality.

EDITOR: What made you decide on mint?

TREVOR: When you look at the confectionary category, mint is a dominant trend and is in a rapid growth phase at the moment. So we wanted to create a jellybean that would offer consumers the fresh taste of mint, but in a completely different form.

EDITOR: What is involved in producing a new flavour?

TREVOR: We worked in consultation with Nestlé – one of the world’s leading confectionery companies. They have very stringent manufacturing processes that ensure we produce exactly the right colour, texture, consistency and flavour to the highest food standards available.

It’s actually a very complex process and a lot of people are involved – technologists, scientists, engineers, food chemists, confectioners and nutritionists – and it can take months to get the product just right. As Australia’s most popular and best tasting jellybean, it was definitely in our best interest to ensure that our mint flavour upheld our strict standards of taste, quality and safety.

And that’s just the process involved in developing a new flavour. What a lot of people don’t realise is the amount of time it takes to produce the humble jellybean: currently it takes about three weeks.

EDITOR: How will this new flavour impact your current range?

TREVOR: It’s a great addition because it provides consumers with not just a completely different flavour, but a new category as well. Plus it’s likely to attract a new market that aren’t traditionally jellybean consumers, but are after a fresh minty taste.

Following on from our success in introducing a natural colour for the mint flavour, we’ll also be transitioning our current range over to natural colours in the next 6 months, so that we can maintain that consistent level of quality across our range.

EDITOR: How do you think the new mint jellybean will be received in the market?

TREVOR: You can’t underestimate the novelty factor. As the only mint jellybean in Australia, people will definitely be intrigued. As for the taste, we’ve conducted several taste test panels in conjunction with Nestlé, and the acceptance of the flavour and the concept has been extremely high.

EDITOR: Who is the mint jellybean targeted at?

TREVOR: The Glucogel jellybean market has primarily consisted of women aged 35–55 who are the primary purchasers of products in a pharmacy. However, the broad appeal of this mint category will certainly capture other segments of the market.

EDITOR: How will you launch the new flavour?

TREVOR: Our sales team, Lightning Brokers, has worked hard to produce a range of point-of-sales materials that will generate excitement and awareness of the new brand. In-store materials will include Glucojel Mint counter display units, Glucojel Mint dispensers; hang strips and a special introductory deal for pharmacies. We are also launching a consumer social media campaign through our Glucojel Facebook page where Glucojel customers can play an engaging game, which will also aim to create awareness of the new Mint Flavour. Users can also access this game through a dedicated microsite page.

Plus we officially launched at the Australian Professional Pharmacy Conference on the Gold Coast in March with some fun giveaways and a few surprises to support the market launch.

EDITOR: Following on the success of your new mint flavour, do you think there will be any more flavours on the horizon?

TREVOR: We’re always open to new flavours. The key for us is ensuring that we maintain a high level of quality. But by partnering with Nestle, we have access to their world-leading knowledge, technology and expertise – so anything is possible.

EDITOR: And finally, what is your favourite Glucogel flavour?

TREVOR: I’ve always been a huge orange fan. But I have to say this new mint flavour is definitely swaying me.

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