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My BD Rowa™ Advantages: Reliability and service for the long haul

Tam for BD Rowa Pharmacy Automation

BD Rowa™ is a trusted leader in pharmacy automation, delivering efficient and reliable technology with a focus on custom-made design that supports the needs of each unique pharmacy.

Tam Nguyen is the owner and lead pharmacist of Bayswater AMCAL. As a first-generation Vietnamese immigrant born with cerebral palsy, she has overcome many obstacles to be where she is today. Tam’s desire to help people and an interest in business led her into pharmacy, where she has been a pharmacist for 11 years, and pharmacy owner for 8 years.

Because of Tam’s physical limitations, she needed technology solutions to automate manual tasks like stock and inventory management, saving her time and energy and enabling her to work alone when needed.

After meeting with the BD Rowa™ Team in 2016, Tam was confident that the BD Rowa Vmax™ with the BD Rowa ProLog Autoloader would support her pharmacy needs.

Six years on, and the BD Rowa™ Technology is going strong. It has been a game changer for Tam and her team, reducing their manual tasks to just 30 minutes per day and creating valuable time for them to spend with customers and providing more health services. Tam attests that her team could not have administered over 14,000 vaccinations in the last year without the BD Rowa™ Technology supporting them. In addition, operating with 97% of dispensary items in the BD Rowa™ Robot has streamlined organisation and created more space in their pharmacy.

The BD Rowa™ Service Team has been there for Tam every step of the way, which she describes as “extremely reliable and caring”. When she had an unforeseen accident with the picking head being damaged, the Head of Installation from BD Rowa™ Team flew interstate to install a new head the following day so they could continue running as usual.

Tam and her team all agree that they couldn’t live without the BD Rowa™ Automated Dispensing Robot.

Visit to find out more information about BD Rowa™ Automated Solutions in Australia or contact us directly by calling our toll-free number 1800 MY ROWA (697692).

Read the full interview with Tam Nguyen in the ITK March APP2023 magazine edition.

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