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Nagestic Osteo – New Patient Engagement Program

BioRevive - Nagestic Osteo

The recent barrage of newly-presented evidence challenging the clinical efficacy of paracetamol for osteoarthritis (OA) pain while identifying a greater risk of associated adverse events, again highlights the need for effective alternatives for the long term symptomatic management of OA.

Nagestic Osteo provides a simple, more natural approach to OA symptom relief and may be an effective solution where paracetamol and NSAIDs are ineffective, contraindicated or inappropriate, or where patients are concerned with the long terms effects of using these medications.

Nagestic Osteo contains the powerful natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant curcumin from Cumerone® one of the world’s richest sources of bio-active curcumin.

In a proprietary process Cumerone® binds curcumin with cyclic oligosaccharides to form a stable inclusion or host-guest complex. The Cumerone® bonded inclusion is highly stable and provides consistent delivery of curcumin across the cell membrane and into the bloodstream, delivering an extremely consistent level of bioavailability with each dose.

With an onset of action typically within two hours, Nagestic Osteo provides temporary relief of osteoarthritic and rheumatic pain and may help reduce associated joint stiffness, swelling and inflammation while being gentle enough to use every day.BioRevive - Nagestic Osteo

Nagestic Osteo presents as an easy-to-swallow tablet, blister packed for convenience in two strengths: Nagestic Osteo Tablets (30s) for the everyday symptomatic management of OA and rheumatism, and Nagestic Osteo Acute Tablets (20s) an extra strength formula for acute flare-ups.

Nagestic Osteo may provide patients with an effective OA symptom management solution.

BioRevive - Nagestic Osteo
With Pharmacists uniquely placed to help OA patients achieve better symptom management outcomes, BioRevive is delighted to announce a new OA Patient Engagement Program designed to help Pharmacists identify, engage and counsel OA patients.

The program provides Pharmacists with the tools to personally engage individual patients, to understand the specifics of their circumstances and condition in order to offer potential solutions with the overall aim of improving their treatment outcome and consequent quality of life.

For information and details on the OA Patient Engagement Program, contact BioRevive on Email: or telephone: 1300 790 978.

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