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New Australian distributor for Emtrix Nail

Arrow Pharmaceuticals has announced that it is now Australia’s exclusive distributor for Emtrix Nail, a topical treatment that promotes healing of discoloured and deformed nails caused by fungal infection or psoriasis.

Emtrix Nail is an easy to apply topical treatment, that is clinically proven to restore healthy appearance, normalise thickness and reduce discolouration of nails affected by onychomycosis (nail fungus).

Emtrix Nail is a triple action treatment, which increases hydration, smooths the outer layer of the nail plate and prevents further growth of fungi.

With daily application, results may be visible after just 2 weeks.


Product Name: Emtrix Nail Active Ingredients: Propgylene glycol, urea and lactic acid
Format: Topical solution
Product Size: 10mL
Dosage: Once daily
RRP: $44.95

For more info and a list of stockists visit:

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