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New Pharmacy-Exclusive Range from the World’s #1 Selling Cold & Cough Brand

Procter & Gamble - Vicks Action Cold & Flu Range - Product Insight

Over 50% of cold sufferers experience 2 or more symptoms during the first 3 days of their episode – including sore throat, headache, sneezing, runny nose, blocked nose and cough1.

Now Vicks – the world’s #1 selling cold & cough brand2, 3 – is launching the Vicks Action Cold & Flu Range in Australia, to help effectively treat the multiple symptoms of cold and flu.

Containing clinically proven ingredients like Paracetamol, Phenylephrine and Chlorpheniramine, the new range offers both pain and cold relief, combatting the six common symptoms of cold and flu, including blocked nose, headache, runny nose, body aches, sore throat pain and fever. All Vicks products are Codeine-free and Pseudoephedrine-free.

The new simple line-up of products, which includes a Day Relief, Night Relief, Day & Night Relief and Nasal Relief variant, will be available exclusively in Pharmacies from March 2016.Procter & Gamble - Vicks Action Cold & Flu Range - Product Insight

Vicks Senior Scientist, Dr. Jaspreet Singh Kochhar says: “At Vicks, our mission is to develop efficacious cold and flu treatments that people trust. Vicks Action Cold & Flu is our first multi-symptom relief product range in Australia, designed to combat not only the symptoms of blocked or runny nose or sneezing, but to also act as an analgesic for headache, body aches, fever and sore throat. We are delighted to see this product come to the Australian market.”

Vicks has been trusted for providing cough and cold products for over one hundred years and the new Vicks Action Cold & Flu range complements the existing range of Vicks cold and cough products, including VapoRub, Sinex, Inhaler and VapoDrops.

Pharmacists are encouraged to visit the Vicks exhibit (part of the P&G Stand) at the APP Conference from Friday 18 March, to learn more about the new Vicks Action Cold & Flu range.

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2 Euromonitor International Ltd. Based on 2014 retail value sales of Cough Remedies, Decongestants, Pharyngeal Preparations, Combination Products and Pediatric Cough and Cold Remedies.
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