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New research reveals Australians’ harsh reluctance to participate in clinical trials, hindering patient access to life-saving treatments

Australian-first tech solution connects GPs and pharmacists to clinical trials, addressing recruitment shortfalls and enhancing patient care.

In the lead-up to International Clinical Trial Day on Monday, 20th May, a recent survey reveals that only 16% of Australians have engaged in clinical trials. Although over 493,000 active clinical trials are taking place globally, 80% of clinical trials are delayed due to recruitment issues. The survey identified several barriers to participation, including uncertainty about possible side effects (57%), inconvenience of trial location (44%), and the time commitment required (32%). Concerns about being a “guinea pig” for new treatments (25%) and the financial cost of participation (30%) are also notable factors influencing Australia’s decisions.

Clinical trials are the backbone of the healthcare industry, playing a vital role in helping to prove that new treatments and therapies are safe and effective for a wide range of conditions. Moreover, the sector now generates more export revenue than construction, intellectual property charges and government services.3 Positively, healthcare providers, such as GPs and specialists, are the most trusted sources of information about clinical trials, with 69% of Australians indicating trust in them.

In an Australian-first, Evrima Technologies has developed Evripath, a tech-enabled patient referral network built specifically for GPs and pharmacists to learn about current clinical trials in their communities that may be beneficial to their patients.

Charlotte Bradshaw, Chief Executive Officer at Evrima Technologies comments: “Without clinical trials, medical progress would be significantly hindered, and patients would not have access to innovative and potentially life-saving treatments. Last month, Evrima successfully completed a pilot project in New South Wales, along with StrongRoom AI, a medication management platform, and Paratus Clinical, a clinical trial site network, to identify eligible participants via pharmacies and refer them to local clinical trials in their community. This project saw rapid adoption by healthcare professionals and provided a number of patients with the opportunity to participate in clinical trials they wouldn’t normally have been aware of. Evrima plans to expand this network to reach 5 million people by the end of the year.”

Montana Grenfell, B.Pharm, Accredited Pharmacist and Chief of Staff at StrongRoom AI firmly believes Evripath will transform the landscape of clinical trial recruitment and patient care. “As a community pharmacist, I believe that clinical trials play a pivotal role in advancing our arsenal of healthcare solutions, providing hope and possibilities for patients facing challenging health conditions. The success of the Evripath pilot project is a testament to the transformative impact of technology-enabled solutions in clinical trial recruitment,” Montana explains.

Leeanne Lovey, a 63-year-old from Bundoora, Victoria, is an advocate for advancing medical research through her participation in clinical trials. Motivated by her family’s history of diabetes, Leeanne embarked on her journey in clinical trials with a focus on diabetes research. Recently, Leeanne participated in a study exploring the efficacy of probiotics as an early intervention for reducing bone loss in post-menopausal women. “I first came across this study on Evrima Technologies’ website, where I immediately enquired and decided that I’d like to participate as I was interested in learning more about bone health at an older age,” says Leeanne.

“The study provided me with invaluable education on making simple dietary changes that can significantly improve my bone health. Additionally, I had access to medical tests that would have been cost-prohibitive otherwise, offering insights into my health that the average person might not have,” Leeanne adds.

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For those considering participating in clinical trials but may have reservations or uncertainties, Leeanne offers some advice: “If the subject, location, and time suit, just do it! You are not locked in and can opt out at any time.” Leeanne believes that companies like Evrima Technologies can make a significant difference in the healthcare industry. “More consumer knowledge about clinical trials would be beneficial,” she states. “Without clinical trials, treatment is stagnant, and it’s an area that needs constant advancement.”

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