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New test result availability empowering people living with diabetes to take control of their health

Diabetes HbA1c Test

National Diabetes Week (July 9 to July 15) provides an opportunity to highlight the importance of effective diabetes management. In support of the week, the Australian Digital Health Agency has created an engaging video to help Australians with diabetes with the best information on how to access their diabetes management (HbA1c) test results in My Health Record.

These results are now immediately available as soon as uploaded. Previously there was a seven-day waiting period.

HbA1c tests play a vital role in diabetes diagnosis and management as they provide a long-term measure of blood sugar control. Unlike traditional diabetes tests that only offer a snapshot of glucose levels, HbA1c tests provide a more comprehensive view, enabling better treatment decisions and disease monitoring.

The newly launched video showcases the real-life story of Steve Renouf and his family. Steve, a Rugby League legend and proud Gunggari and Gubbi Gubbi man, is a passionate advocate for diabetes management.

The video highlights the convenience of accessing test results, sharing them with healthcare providers and identifying trends to make informed decisions about diabetes management.

“We are excited to unveil this powerful video during National Diabetes Week, highlighting the significant role that technology plays in empowering people with diabetes,” said Agency CEO Amanda Cattermole PSM.

“The diabetes management tests available in My Health Record, which can be viewed whenever they’re needed with the new my health app, helps Australians proactively manage their diabetes, leading to improved health outcomes and a better quality of life.” 

Throughout National Diabetes Week the video will be featured on the Agency’s website and a range of social media channels. Sharing it widely will help raise awareness and promote the availability of immediate access to diabetes management tests in My Health Record.

Watch the video and learn more about the benefits of immediate access to HbA1c test results. 

In addition to diabetes test results (HbA1c), pathology reports for blood clot monitoring (INR test), COVID-19 tests, and respiratory infection tests (e.g., flu) are also available as soon as they are uploaded.

To view pathology and diagnostic imaging providers uploading to My Health Record visit the Australian Digital Health Agency website.

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