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New year, new habits

new year new habits this 2023


With almost all (96%) Australians reporting that they normally give up on their new year’s resolutions before the end of January, experts are advising to ditch the goals and opt for habits.

The new data and advice from the number one global nutrition and food tracking app, MyFitnessPal reveals that the majority (65%) of Australians have set a new year’s resolution in 2023. However, the data also shows that less than half (47%) make it halfway through January before giving up.

The top resolutions for 2023 were dominated by health and wellbeing, including exercising to lose weight (50%), eating more healthily (41%) and exercising to lose fat and gain muscle (22%). 

“New year’s resolutions can be more harmful than helpful, especially when they are unrealistic. Instead of focusing on some distant goal to feel happy, building habits bit by bit gives you frequent little wins to keep you motivated,” says dietitian Susie Burrell who also holds a Master’s of Coaching Psychology.

After years of financial turmoil saving money (50%) also topped the list, while spending more time with friends and family (26%), completed the top five.

Interestingly, men (67%) are more likely to set resolutions than women (64%). While Western Australia (82%) is the resolution capital, followed by NSW (73%), but South Australia (53%) is at the bottom of the list. 

With almost half (44%) of Australians trying a resolution in 2023 that they’ve broken in the past, MyFitnesspal is launching its Jumpstart Your Health programme which will coach users through the first 14 days of the year. The program is based on habits that work, after the brand asked its 200 million users worldwide for their best health hacks. 

Here Susie provides her top tips for creating productive habits to help reach your goals.

Focus on one goal at a time

Often we overcommit and then become frustrated when we do not achieve all the things we wanted to. Focusing on one small goal at a time, for example, planning or prepping your food the night before, or getting to the gym 3-4 times each week will help to pace your goal achievement in the midst of busy lives.

Recruit support

Working on a goal with a friend or family member can be a great way to get the day to day support you need to help keep on track and motivated.

Choose goals you actually like

If you hate the gym, having a goal of going to one is unlikely to be successful. When it comes to diet and exercise habits you need to like the diet plan, and the type of exercise you are needing to commit to.

Keep accountable

Whether it is to your friend, a health professional or to your MyFitnessPal tracker, self monitoring and being accountable is a significant predictor of goal attainment.

Drop the ‘all or nothing’ mindset

health and well being is not about perfection rather consistency so rather than throw in the towel when you go off track, commit to getting back on the next meal or next day.

To find out more about the Jumpstart Your Health program and help keep track of your nutrition and exercise, download MyFitnessPal on Apple, Google and other Android platforms. 

About MyFitnessPal 

MyFitnessPal is the number 1 global nutrition and food tracking app. Since 2005, MyFitnessPal has empowered over 200 million users in over 120 countries to achieve their health and wellbeing goals through logging food intake, recording exercise activity and tracking their wellness habits. 

MyFitnessPal is on a mission to support Australians to manage their health goals on their own terms. Through personalised data-led insights, nutritional guidance and unwavering support, MyFitnessPal provides users with tools for positive, healthy change. 

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