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New Zealand Tech: Partnering with Australia for a better tomorrow

Aotearoa New Zealand Technology isn’t just about innovation; it’s about harnessing curiosity and creativity to produce world-leading, future-focused tech solutions for Australian businesses, schools and homes. From humanised AI technology to cutting-edge diagnostics for early cancer detection, New Zealand is at the forefront of technological advancements that are reshaping Australian lives for the better.

In 2022, New Zealand’s technology exports surged to a record-breaking $9.8 billion globally, a remarkable 25% year-on-year increase, demonstrating the country’s commitment to challenging the status quo for a better future.

“New Zealand and Australia have a long history of collaboration and shared values which strengthens partnerships and drives technological advancements which benefits both nations,” said Trade Commissioner at New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, Hamish Campbell.

New Zealand leads the charge in developing innovative, future-focused technology aimed at fostering positive change. With a collaborative and inclusive approach, New Zealand’s tech sector combines creativity and practicality to deliver unique solutions, all within a trusted, stable business environment.

“We believe in seeing opportunities where others see barriers, leveraging different perspectives to create deeply innovative and practical solutions to the challenges Australians face,” continued Campbell.

When schools and universities had to close their doors during the pandemic, technology came to the rescue – unbeknownst to the rest of the world, a lot of this technology was built in New Zealand. Companies such as Education Perfect were the lifeline to teachers and parents by connecting educators and students over its online platform not just in New Zealand but also in Australia. It has now partnered with over 50,000 teachers across over 50 countries, empowering over 1.2 million students.

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From online learning platforms to educational games, New Zealand EdTech is delivering smart solutions in a creative way. Such as Banqer, a program that uses gamification to improve financial literacy of students and teaches lifelong practical skills and Hero, a comprehensive school management system that reduces admin and provides powerful insights to help decision making in schools. New Zealand technologies have an undeniable track record of improving lives and the industry’s growth trajectory is undeniable with spending on New Zealand education software expected to double by 2025.

New Zealand is also no stranger to HealthTech innovation – from co-discovering the molecular structure of DNA to inventing the disposable syringe. Today, the industry continues to lead the way, combining unique thinking and solid research to bring trusted HealthTech solutions to Australia.

To improve treatment efficacy and patient outcomes, ARANZ developed an innovative wound and skin monitoring program that documents and analyses progress, making care more efficient and seamless. While Streamliners works to improve health and wellbeing through its HealthPathways program which reduces unwarranted variation in care and seamlessly connects clinicians to relevant guidance. Other companies such as Core Schedule, utilise innovative technology to make rostering of healthcare professionals simple, transparent and easily accessible.

New Zealand’s gaming sector is also booming with projections that it’s set to become a billion-dollar industry in the next few years. The country’s game studios are responsible for some of Australia’s most downloaded games featuring award-winning visual effects to create impactful game content, such as the celebrated Balancing Monkey Games and Metia Interactive, which has been creating cutting edge and inclusive games for over 20 years.

Synonymous with innovation, New Zealand tech spans HealthTech, EdTech, gaming, FinTech, and beyond, embodying an adventurous and disruptive spirit that challenges the status quo and improves lives in Australia. 

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