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Newly released ABS data demands suicide prevention stakeholders work together to intervene and save lives

Life Saving

Colin Seery, Chief Executive Officer of Lifeline Australia said today’s release of the 2021 cause of death data, which reveals there were 3,144 lives lost to suicide, outlines a tragedy which reinforces the need for government, business and the community to work together to reduce intentional self harm deaths.

“Firstly, we remember the 3,144 Australians who died by suicide in 2021 and the many people left behind who are learning to live a life without their loved ones. Every life lost is a tragedy which affects our families, workplaces and communities. Today will be a difficult day for many. I want to remind anyone who is struggling that Lifeline is here for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” Mr Seery said.

“We acknowledge and thank all the people and organisations who work tirelessly every day and the significant funding that governments and partners invest into moving towards our vision of an Australia free of suicide.”

“We know intervention can save lives and we are committed to keeping up our momentum in all areas, including community services, aftercare and bereavement as well as finding new ways of working together within the sector to support people in suicidal distress or at risk of it.”

“It is critical that as a nation with a shared vision of zero suicides, we don’t take our foot off the pedal and make certain there are services available to help anyone who is struggling whenever, wherever and however they need it.”

Mr Seery also called on the community to continue to connect with each other during challenging times.

“If you know someone who might be having a difficult time, please reach out to them and encourage them to seek help. By checking in, you are essentially showing them that you care and that can truly make all the difference.” Mr Seery said.

Lifeline is Australia’s leading suicide prevention service, operating the 13 11 14 telephone line within 41 centres around the nation as well as 24/7 text (0477 13 11 14) and 24/7 webchat at

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