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One Million Australians Enjoying Better Medication Adherence Through Healthnotes

Healthnotes - One Million Australians Enjoying Better Medication Adherence Through Healthnotes - Product Insight

5.5 million Australians consume some sort of prescription medication on a regular basis to combat chronic medical conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, and anxiety and depression. But medication adherence amongst this cohort is low-33% amongst patients of asthma medications for example, which means that not only is the patient’s health at risk, it also represents significant lost revenue for the pharmacy.

There is a way however, to dramatically improve medication compliance, increasing it to 60-70%. Healthnotes, a simple SMS service that reminds patients when their next repeat prescription is due to be dispensed and sends them useful health and medication tips, makes it easy for pharmacies to easily communicate with customers, and keeps them coming back to the pharmacy.

“We wanted to bring compelling, large-scale information technology based innovations to healthcare businesses and their customers,” explains Saurabh Mishra who founded the company. “We take the view that transformation in the healthcare industry can be achieved through simple ideas, built and positioned so that they can be executed at scale.”

  • Healthnotes is a simple idea with an over-sized impact:
  • Since 2009, 25% of Australian pharmacies, including most of the large pharmacy banner groups, have embraced Healthnotes to maintain a high level of patient care whilst also improving their pharmacy income
  • The 1,370 pharmacies that use Healthnotes have enrolled over 1 million of their customers into Healthnotes to send them reminders and tips via SMS, landline or via the Healthnotes smartphone App
  • 70% of customers reply back to the SMS sent by their pharmacy

“Having established a solid dispense reminders service, we are further enriching the interaction between pharmacies and their customers by rapidly expanding the services they can offer through Healthnotes.” Mishra continues.

Healthnotes has recently launched its smartphone App and Professional Pharmacy Services module, so that pharmacists can record and follow up on professional services such as Medschecks and Clinical Interventions.

“We are excited about what all this means for our pharmacy customers and their customers,” says Mishra.

If you would like more information on how pharmacists are increasing their customer engagement and patient care through Healthnotes, call 03 8692 0015 or visit

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