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Pharmacists Alex Counsel and Soundarya Pallipattu making Leeton their home

Leeton Discount Chemist

Two new pharmacists to Leeton are finding their feet in the town and in the workplace.

Alex Counsel and Soundarya Pallipattu recently started working in Leeton and both are hoping to make the town their home for a long time to come.

Ms Counsel has bought into the Leeton Discount Chemist and Amcal as an owner, while Ms Pallipattu is looking forward to using her skills to help residents and customers in the area.

“I arrived in Leeton on September 5, which was my birthday and I started work on September 12,” Ms Counsel said.

“I grew up in Sydney. More recently I’ve lived in Muswellbrook and Canberra. I don’t like the city, so I’m loving it here.

“I completed my study through UNE. I registered as a pharmacist in 2019 and my plan is definitely to stay here long-term.

“I’m really enjoying being here. Everyone has been so friendly and so nice.”

Miss Pallipattu feels similar, saying she is enjoying getting to know customers and looks forward to helping them in the future.

Originally from India, she moved to Sydney for her Masters degree and then started her career as a pharmacist.

“I have some friends in Wagga, so I was looking in the area close by … the role here is very exciting and I feel very lucky to be here,” she said.

“I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone and to have that important connection with our customers to get to know them and work with them when it comes to their health.

“Even living here, I just have more time before and after work. It’s really nice.

“The people here are really lovely.”

Ms Counsel said through her work as a pharmacist and owner, she is hoping to help as many people as possible in many facets.

“I’m really clinically-based, I administer all of the vaccinations, I do sleep apnoea, I’m a diabetes educator … we’re really looking to bring Amcal forward and make it a real healthcare hub,” she said.

“At Leeton Discount Chemist we won’t change too much, but for Amcal as I said we want to go into more of that clinical side of things.”

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